Bail out a Flooded Car

Take deep breath. Adopt mantra: "This, too, shall pass." Chant mantra throughout following process as needed.


  1. Use the wet/dry shop vacuum to vacuum up as much water as you can suck out of the carpet.
  2. Buy some Damp Rid and place containers of it near the wet areas to suck up more moisture.
  3. Open all possible doors (including trunk) - preferably on sunny, low-humidity days - for hours on end, parking your car so that it catches the most sun. Do this every sunny day till carpet feels dry.
  4. Look in the trunk's tire well and discover more water. Gnash your teeth, take deep breath and repeat above process.
  5. Take car to mechanic and ask him to reseal the taillight gaskets - or do it yourself, with a bead of silicone.
  6. Spray carpets with Lysol spray.
  7. If mildew smells start, consider treating carpets with vinegar (yes, vinegar! Mold/mildew don't like vinegar. Better than bleach.)
  8. Tell curious passengers that you spilled pickle juice by accident.

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