Crack Cisco Switch Password for Catalyst 2950

Due to the computer networking laboratory is opened for different semester students practice, the configuration of switch setting is always modified by different students in order to do the practice or laboratory assignments. The most frequently happening situation is that switch is password protected by other students. These instruction will detailed explain how to crack Cisco switch password for model catalyst 2950 which is common used for majority computer networking laboratories in College.


  1. Connect computer to the catalyst 2950 Switch using console cable.
  2. Plug console cable RJ-45 side into console port at back of the Switch, and DB-9 side into serial port at back of computer.
  3. Plug the power cable at back of the Switch, and Holding "mode" button at left corner of the front panel for 15 seconds
  4. In Windows XP,click "Start" menu,and then move to "Accessories"---->"Communications"---->"Hyper Terminal"
  5. The system has been interrupted prior to initializing the flash file system,and it wills show the following information.
  6. In command line, type "flash_init" after"switch:_", and it will initialize the flash system.
  7. In command line, type "rename flash:config.text flash:config.old", it will rename the "config.text" configuration file in flash directory as "config.old". after rename, it will not boot from config.old
  8. In command line, type"boot". it will restart operating system and show the following information:
  9. Enter "n" at the prompt to start the Setup program.
  10. In command line, type "enable", it will enable privilege mode.
  11. type"rename flash:config.old flash:config.text" after "switch#_".
  12. type"copy flash:config.text run" in command line. it will copy the configuration to the current running-config file.
  13. type"conf t" in command line , it will enable configuration terminal.
  14. type"no enable password" in command line , it will remove password.
  15. type"no enable secret" in command line, it will remove secret.
  16. type"line console 0" in command line. it changes to the console 0.
  17. type"no password" in command line. it means do not set password for console 0.
  18. type"end" in command line. it will save and quit config terminal mode.
  19. type"write" in command line, it saves the configuration file to running-config file. when next time start the switch, there is no password required.


  • NOTE: In the step 3, if the switch has already powered on, it needs to be unplug and plug power cable again in order to reload system.

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