Create a Digital Resume on Weebly

A digital resume is a quick and easy way for employers and peers to view your credentials online. When creating a digital resume there are no limitations; it can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. There are many sites and formats you can use to make a digital resume, but Weebly is one good choice. It is a great platform to express you creativity and personality, as well as highlight your best qualities and accomplishments. Whether you are in the arts and design, medicine or education, having a dynamic online resume can be a boost to your online presence and professional success.


  1. Make a free Weebly account. Go to and choose the “Try Free” button to create an account unless you have already made one, then click the “Log In” option. A name, email address, and password are all that is needed to create an account. To create a digital resume you will want to choose a focus of website when prompted by Weebly (ie. blog, shop, website.)
  2. Choose a design theme and domain name. You should pick a theme that encourages the viewer to maneuver through the site with ease and understanding. Your theme should represent the objective being achieved by your website (ie. Dusk, Impact, Birdseye, and Oasis.)
    • Your domain name should also represent your objective, for example, you could use a combination of your name and an attribute you’re proud of (
  3. Start creating your homepage. Your homepage is the first thing your viewers will see when they come to your site, which means it needs to make a good first impression. Use the build tab at the top of the Weebly page to insert text boxes, image spaces, dividers, buttons, and more. Your name should appear large and noticeable on your homepage, but you can also add other items too, such as an introduction paragraph from you to the reader.
  4. Add a photo of yourself. The homepage could be a good place to insert this, or you may find that it fits in better on a specific page of your site. Your photo should portray yourself as your viewers would see you if they were meeting you in person at an interview.
    • The photo you choose should not display an unfavorable image of you and should clearly show who you are. This means it is best practice to avoid things like large sunglasses, group photos, and inappropriate photos of your personal life. Something similar to a yearbook photo or profile photo would be best.
  5. Create separate pages for each section you want to feature. The categories that appear on your resume are a good place to start for page topics. Education, Experience, Achievements, and Contact Information are a few that are standard on mostly all hard copy resumes.
    • Digital space allows more room for extra things such as Family, and Hobbies if you want to include these on your webpage. Paper resumes are usually a page in length, but because you can add many pages here, there is greater flexibility with the information you can provide.
    • With the approval of your professional and personal references, you can create a specific page for their contact information for viewers; Be sure to keep this, and all contact information, as accurate as possible.
  6. Start entering information about yourself. Use clear and concise language focusing on the important information you want the readers to remember. It is a good idea to add any familiar logos or images to represent affiliations you mention on your page. Your readers will remember things they recognize easily.
    • Adding in a link to websites could also be helpful for unfamiliar organizations to allow your reader easy access to learn more about it if interested.
  7. Create a button that provides a download to attach additional documents. This allows viewers to have access to a printable version of your resume to have for further follow up purposes. Designate separate buttons for viewing of any awards, certifications, etc. You can provide any work examples or portfolio pieces too.
  8. Provide sufficient methods for your readers to contact you. Along with displaying your phone number and email on your website, you can also insert active forms that viewers can use to communicate to you directly from your page. Using the build module on Weebly, you can insert the contact form and receive emails with the name and number of the inquirer.
    • Also, Weebly allows you to link your social network pages as well. You can have the icon for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and many other sites appear on your page. When a viewer clicks on the icon it will direct them to your profile on whatever social media site they chose. Providing this kind of transparency could be really beneficial but this also comes with risks too, so be careful to only link to sites that will not show your viewers anything inappropriate you don’t want them to see.
  9. Edit and revise as needed to minimize errors. The last thing you want on your professional website are spelling errors and grammar mistakes. It is very important to check for this every time you edit your site. Your readers will see silly errors as a lack of interest and give them a reason to move on to other candidates.
  10. Publish your site. After all the changes are made or you are ready to stop editing it, you need to make it available for public viewing by publishing your site. Until you publish your site the first time, your page will not appear on the internet. Once you have published for the first time and then made additional changes, the newest version will only be viewed after it has been published again.
  11. Preview your site. After you publish your site, Weebly provides you with a link to view your site how it appears to the public online. Make sure all the buttons lead to the documents you uploaded and that all your pages appear how you intended them to. You could even have a friend or family member try to access your site to verify usability.
  12. Direct your desired viewers to your site. To utilize your new digital space you will need to direct your intended viewers to your website. You can list it on your hard copy resume, insert your URL into electronic applications, email to networking contacts, and more. Weebly does allow you to upgrade your free account so that your site will be promoted to appear on search engines, but that is not necessary to have a functioning webpage.


  • If you have trouble uploading image/files:
    • Check the upload availability of your account. Most free accounts only allow a max of 10 MB / file while pro accounts go up to 250 MB.
    • Clear your problems; This is usually a great fix for little errors like this.
    • Check the Extensions of your browser: You may have accidentally downloaded an extension that interferes with uploads (very easy to do.)
    • Try using different browsers: Weebly is usually compatible with Safari, Firefox, Chrome, but switching browsers can easily be a quick fix.
  • If you want to disconnect Facebook:
    • Click the settings tab
    • Go to the General tab
    • Scroll to Facebook
    • Click Disconnect
    • Reconnecting: just click share under the same heading
  • To delete a Weebly account:
    • Make sure you are certain because there is no turning back
    • On your dashboard, click your own assigned name
    • Click the Account tab from the dropdown menu
    • Now select “Permanently Delete Your Weebly Account”

Things You'll Need

  • Computer or tablet and a reliable Internet connection.
  • Having a paper resume available to reference is helpful, but not necessary.