Design a Strip Club

At some point in your architectural career, you may be asked by that all-important client to design his or her new strip club. This article will tell you all you need to know about life safety issues on the poles, egress requirements for intoxicated patrons, and mirrored wall application tips.


  1. Talk with your client. What kind of ambiance are they trying to create with their establishment? A true gentlemen's club? Perhaps more on the blue-eyeshadow + plastic boots side of the coin? This will help determine critical issues like whether to use laminate that looks like blue marble, or the stuff with a trendy multi-color pattern and fake texture.
  2. Visit your local persons-of-the-night establishments and become aware of the latest trends in costuming, dollar bill placement, seating, and dancer protection concerns. Talk to the bouncers. Talk to the bartenders. Most importantly, talk with the ladies, or gentlemen performers depending on which you prefer, to find out what their needs and concerns may be as the end users.


  • Listen. Really listen.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Depending on the intended final effect, you may find yourself using materials otherwise too trashy.
  • Let go of your taste. It's the client's club, it's the client's choice.

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