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How are your muscles feeling right now? Take a little break. Do computer yoga. It's very easy, and you'll be relaxed in just a few minutes. Computer yoga will help to resolve the tension felt in your body. It will calm your mind through meditation and self-questioning. Computer yoga is the office worker's and writer's answer to remaining positive through the day; ideally, practicing computer yoga daily will help you to remain positive throughout your daily routine.


  1. Move your head and chant the "om" mantra in your head. Turn your head left and right and then, forward and backward.
  2. Move your shoulders so that all tensions resolve. Find the way that works best for you. Move forward, and then move another way round. Move with your elbows and keep chanting the om mantra.
  3. Move your spine to the right and the left side. Chant the om mantra when you're doing this.
  4. Move your feet on the ground. Say "Om" in your belly, in your legs, in your feet and in the earth. Concentrate on the whole earth and think the mantra "Earth".
  5. Massage your body from head to feet. Hold your hands together over your head, rub the palms, visualize the sky above you and say the mantra "Heaven". Feel the light that comes down. Massage the light into your face, your eyes, your ears, your whole body and think "Light, Light..." Fill yourself with light. Move your feet, fill light into the earth and think, "Light...".
  6. Move your hand and send light to your loved ones and to all people. Say "I send light to... May all people be happy. May all the world be happy."
  7. Rub your palms together. Think on the enlightened masters and say, "Om, all enlightened masters, please help me on my way." Now you can ask a question. Think about your life. What are your goals? What is your way? Hear the answer within you. Feel the answer inside. What is the answer?
  8. Put your hands on your legs or your belly. Make your mind calm and think the mantra "Om" in your head, your thorax, your belly, your legs, feet, in the earth and in the whole cosmos.
    • Keep chanting the om mantra in your head.
  9. Stop your thinking for a minute. Simply sit there. Don't think about anything.
    • What do you have to take in your life? Take it.
    • What is your positive sentence now? What helps you to stay positive through your day and your life? For example, "My positive sentence is: I am optimistic. I follow my way with optimism."
  10. Done! You are now ready to get back to work.



  • He asked a yogi, if he knew a yoga path for him and his wife. The yogi advised Camaripa to make his profession to his spiritual path. Camaripa asked how he should do it. The yogi replied that first he had to redefine the goals in his life. Camaripa could not live as a free Yogi. But he could use every space in his job to develop his inner happiness. Outwardly, he should live on as before. But inside, he and his wife should live as yogis.
  • A normal person works for his ego. He works for his pleasure, his career, for worldly wealth and recognition. In this way he strengthened his ego and allowed in more and more tension because of life's general stress. He consumed his inner energy in the course of living.
  • A spiritual man works for his inner happiness and the love in the world. He takes good care of his body and his health. But his mind is mainly concerned with the happiness of his fellow men. Through this method, the ego dissolves and the yogi grows into the light.
  • Camaripa and his wife practiced yoga from this time on, from morning to night. They began the day with a prayer to the enlightened masters. They found a positive vision for the day. They finished the day with a meditation. During the day they took so many little breaks, that their spirit stayed positive. They added so many spiritual practices into their daily life that their tensions grew less and less.
  • They lived as karma-yogis for the goal of a happy world. They worked for the peace and the love in the world. After twelve years, their enlightenment energy woke up and filled them with light. They lived in God and the light worked through them. Now they had so much power that their work was done almost by itself. Their body worked, their mind was thinking and the soul rested in bliss. They lived in the unity of meditation and action. Work is happy, if it happens out of God (unity), peace and love.
  • An inspiring tale: Chamaripa was a shoemaker. He and his wife had to work from morning to night to earn enough money to live. After many years of daily effort Camaripa got tired of his life as a worker. He longed for a quiet, relaxed and happy life.


  • Don't work too much. Don't rest too much. Find your personal balance to stay healthy and happy. Do some spiritual exercises every day. Do Computer Yoga every day and the day will be yours.

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