Draw a Sports Car

Do you want to draw a cool looking car? It seems hard, but it's very easy. All you need is a good 2B pencil and a ruler. Try drawing your very own car like a Ferrari!


  1. Draw two light lines. Most sports cars are usually thin and long, so you can adapt your form.
  2. Now draw your outline. Make it look smooth and thin.
  3. Draw the major details such as windows, lights, tires, etc.
  4. Now you can get on to the designing part. Draw extra parts so you can make your car cooler.
  5. Now you can color your car. Usually sports cars are bright colors.
  6. You've finished your car! You're welcome.


  • Make lines with a ruler so it's straighter.
  • Practice is all that matters!
  • Keep your undivided attention on your drawing.
  • If you have a picture, look at it.


  • Don't erase too much. At the end, there might be a lot of pencil marks.
  • Don't draw sketchy lines. That makes things look messy and "off-kilter".

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