Drop the Clutch

Dropping the clutch, or 'launching' is a technique that is typically used in racing, or whenever a quick acceleration is desired. The concept is to get the engine revving high in the power band where it is producing maximum torque, and then 'dropping' the clutch to put all of that power to the wheels instantly. This often has the side effect of burning out, however if done properly, the tires will not squeal.


  1. Come to a complete stop.
  2. Put your car in first gear.
  3. While holding the clutch in, rev the car to 4500-5000 rpm.
  4. Quickly and swiftly release the clutch.


  • Do not let out the clutch too fast until you get more comfortable with the process. As you learn how your car wants to behave, you will naturally get faster.
  • The RPM listed here use only as a guide, you MAY need to be sitting at a higher or lower RPM
  • Whenever a tire 'burns out' or 'squeals', you are losing power. The faster driver is the one who gets the most out of his/her machine. Try to accelerate as fast as possible, without breaking loose.
  • Wheel spin is not always a bad thing, you need a little, otherwise the car will "bog down" thus reducing acceleration significantly, but too much wheel spin and the vehicle will sit there spinning the wheels.


  • This may cause severe damage to your engine, clutch and/or gearbox.
  • Do not attempt this within eye (or ear) shot of any law enforcement officials. 'Excessive Speed' or 'Exhibition of Speed' is an impound-able offense!

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