Enhance Your Driving Skills

Are you someone who needs guidance in driving confidence before the big "driver's test" or someone that is a newly driver with not that much experience? Read on about how you can enhance your driving skills and know what is going around you at the same time.


  1. Follow all state (or country) laws regarding driving on the road, especially any seat belt and speed posts related.
  2. Have someone that has a driver's license in the front passenger seat at all times; preferably someone that is 21 years old or older. Confidence is the key in driving, so when you are in the presence of someone with experience, they can guide and give you tips.
  3. Use empty parking lots, college campuses, and high schools as parking guides. The most common parking positions are uphill, downhill, parallel, and slant. You must know how and when to turn the steering wheel when going into a stall and reversing.
  4. Start driving during the day. As you progress, you can try driving at night with caution.
  5. Use regular headlights when the sky gets dim (the start of sunset) until about 1/2 hour after sunrise. Use high-beams when there is absolutely no one in your path of sight, including transportation on the other side of the road AND if there are no road lamps (the road is completely dark).
  6. Take every chance to drive. Ask your parents if they would let you drive to the supermarket for them to shop for groceries or any other small places they would go.
  7. Before getting your license, consider taking a crash prevention course with your family. Try to stay away from racing schools and focus on hands-on training that focuses on crash prevention. Right now Massachusetts is the only state in the country certifying this type of training. They call it Driver Skills Development Program and you can find details here http://www.mass.gov/rmv/driversed/selectschool.htm


  • As a passenger, watch the actions of the driver. Make mental notes (of the positive actions) and use them when you're behind the wheel.
  • Stay on less-known roads as a beginner. You will freak out on highways and major traffic routes.
  • Try more to practice on 2-way roads because one can get a quick idea of driving safely & also giving space to other vehicles.
  • You will also know and find out the personality of the driver that is in front of you, at your back, and beside you. Do not ignore this -- it can affect you as a driver, so use all caution.
  • Practice, practice, and practice! You'll learn more about your skills and the car itself as time progresses.


  • Depending on what state that you are in, the age requirement of the front passenger varies between 18 and 21, if the driver is a minor that possesses a permit. Ask a parent, guardian, or an adult friend to travel with you instead of your best friend from high school. Your "adventures" can wait until you achieve a license.
  • In the United States, it is mandatory for all people operating a vehicle to have a permit or license in their possession at ALL times.

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