Express Your Feelings on Philosophy

If you are having trouble expressing yourself, try the following ideas for helping you to assemble your ideas and feelings more clearly. It takes some practice but is well worth trying for the sake of your own sense of clarity. It will also help you to defend your beliefs and feelings with other people in a clear, well-mannered and sensitive way .


  1. Make sure that you have an opinion. Without an opinion, you have nothing to express.
  2. Make sure that the opinion is related to philosophy, either in response to something philosophical, or as a personal philosophical thought. Remember, philosophy is anything that has to do with the human impact on the universe: it's a big topic.
  3. Ask yourself a question relating to your opinion and answer the question. Remember to explore; think about all the available avenues your new question can open up.
  4. Discuss. If you still cannot express your feelings, get into a discussion with someone, and ask them to give their feelings on the matter. Perhaps you will be able to respond to something that they say.
  5. Keep trying. If it doesn't come to you straight away, you probably need more time to reflect and make up your mind. Try meditating.


  • Just start talking about philosophy; eventually your own opinions and thoughts will come out.
  • Try to work from a specific quotation; this will give you a good starting point for expressing your feelings.


  • Remember that just because you want to express your feelings on philosophy does not mean that others want to listen. Use moderation. Take part in others' conversations and every now and then bring up a philosophical discussion.
  • Philosophy is a dense and difficult subject. Make sure that you are intellectually prepared to undertake the process of trying to understand philosophy.
  • Philosophy is a personal thing like the taste of food, and everyone has their own unique and personal view. So don't argue with other people and their philosophy cause neither of you will win.
  • Try not to take on other people's ideas and ideals by "osmosis". This means don't let other people's decisions make up your mind for you. You can come to your own conclusions based on your feelings and beliefs as much as anyone else can.

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