Find Help With Investing

You can find plenty of ways to acquire help with investing. One of the quickest ways to search for this help is to find it on the Internet.


  1. Do some online research. You can find data, read reports, and join discussion forums to educate yourself on how to invest. BetterInvesting, a non-profit membership organization dedicated to learning about investing, is a good start. Seeking Alpha is a great place to find blog postings on the latest financial news, while can help you analyze stock data. If you're into collaboration, is an online community for investors where you can find profiles of stocks and market concepts.
  2. Go to a nearby business school and get to know the professors and students there. If possible, take a class. Not only will it help you learn about investing, but it will also help you network with people who know more about investing than you do.
  3. Find a mentor. If you're lucky enough to find someone who's knowledgeable about investing and loves helping people, become that person's pupil. In order to prevent their feeling used, offer to help them in some way in return for their help.
  4. Ask successful investors for the names of their consultants. Contact them and ask for advice. Expect to pay for their advice. Investing with expert help should result in higher long-term returns.
  5. Get an online advisor. There are plenty available. Look for one with a proven track record. A fee-only financial advisor will charge you for advice, but will not try to sell you on investments where he or she will make a commission. This transparency can help you improve your returns.[1]


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