Follow up Tasks After a Meeting

Whether it's the local school board meeting or a high powered office meeting, there are some very simple ways to follow up the meeting and to get the most out of suggestions made at the meeting.


  1. Make sure you have written down the action points. If not, get access to them from someone else who noted them at the meeting.
  2. Prioritize the tasks. Focus on the more urgent ones first and work down to the least urgent or longer-term.
  3. Delegate or network. Decide which tasks are suitable for you and which tasks need to be delegated to others in your team or workplace. Delegate as appropriate. If nobody is appropriate for some of the tasks at hand, hit the phones and internet and network to find the right people to follow the tasks up.
  4. Record actions taken in a running checklist that all relevant people can see and/or access. This will help with preparing the next meeting's agenda, including providing a summary of events at the next meeting. And most importantly, it ensures that things are getting done and that everyone is aware of what they are responsible for.
  5. Keep an eye on progress of the activities. If something really must be completed before the next meeting, make sure that it is, or be ready with realistic and acceptable excuses.


  • Always check the understanding of tasks to be done with others who attended the meeting, especially if there is a short follow-up time or if people were absent from the meeting. It makes good sense to be on the same wavelength as those who are expected to either undertake the tasks or share the role of follow-up with you.

Things You'll Need

  • Notepad and pen
  • Action chart

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