Stay Focused During a Long Meeting

Are you finding it hard to concentrate in long company meetings? Well, many of us have the same problem and want to resolve it. There are better ways to concentrate and focus in meetings than just taking naps. Yes, it requires a little more effort as most of the company meetings end up just using the company resources, often a waste of time, unproductive and is very poorly managed. There are fewer chairs, no documents to write and the executives have to manage the situation.


  1. Be a good listener at the meeting as it may help concentrate you and will engage you in the process. Try to understand the message of the speaker, focus on his way of explaining and don’t comment anything negative. Ignore the things that are in the background and which are not necessary for you at that time. Don’t let your mind go outside the meeting room and give acknowledgements like nodding your head so the speaker will be sure that you are listening to him.
  2. Engage yourself in the discussion almost of the meetings are constructed for the people and management expects the executives to participate in the discussion. Clarify your issues and get an answer for them. The level of participation should be there and for that select your seat wisely. Do your homework and if possible have a look at the agenda of the meeting. Make a list of questions you need to ask.
  3. Your body language in the meeting room should be proper and it should not convey wrong results. Right messages should be sent through your gestures. Make proper eye contact with the speaker, use proper voice tone and give reactions accordingly. Even if the meeting is really boring and does not relate to you at all, show positive signals from your body language. Concentrate on the speaker so that he may feel that you are concerned.
  4. Carry a notepad and take notes between the meetings as it may keep you busy and will engage you in the meeting. It can help you write the highlights of the meetings and keep a track of the tasks to be done. Record all points and information. Later you can use it to understand all necessary points of the meetings
  5. Come up with new ideas and innovations in them. Further, you may discuss them with the speaker. The same things that your company practices in the traditional way can be done with some new techniques. Think in a creative way and do things out of the box.
    • The above techniques and strategies if applied can make you focus in long meetings and will have a positive impact on you and your colleagues. Your credibility and reputation increases after all the above techniques are used and the main advantage is that you will never feel dull. The best part is that you will always be focused and concentrated during these meetings and this will reflect in your progress too.

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