Get Companies to Send You Free Stuff

Getting your favorite stuff for a discount is great, but getting the same stuff for free is even better. To get companies to send you free items, you can try taking surveys, joining rewards programs, complaining about products or just requesting free samples.


Complain About a Product

  1. Identify the product that you want to complain about. For example, you may have opened a can of soup only to find a foreign object floating in the broth.
  2. Locate the company's phone number, address or e-mail address. You can find 800 numbers and addresses on most product packages. If you don't find anything on the package, go to the company website and search for a "Contact Us" page or a link to Customer Service..
  3. Contact the company. Let them know exactly what happened. If you have your proof of purchase, provide it. Ask them to either replace the item or compensate you by sending you some free items or a gift card. Be persistent without being rude.
  4. Wait for your free stuff. Many companies will send you a complimentary replacement product or a voucher that is redeemable for a free product. In many cases, a phone representative will let you know that you will receive a free product, voucher or gift card before you finish your conversation.[1]

Join Rewards Programs

  1. Find out if your favorite store or company has a rewards program. When you join, you'll most likely get coupons, vouchers for free items, discounts off of your purchases or points toward different prizes.
  2. Join multiple programs. You'll increase your chances of getting free items. For instance, if you join multiple rewards programs for grocery stores, one store may offer free items one week while another store offers free items another week.
  3. Focus on a single credit card rewards program. If you're trying to earn free stuff through credit card rewards, you should concentrate your efforts on a single card so that you can maximize your points.
  4. Redeem your rewards before they expire. Many rewards programs require you to use your rewards within a certain amount of time. If you don't, you may lose what you've earned.

Take Surveys

  1. Keep your receipt after you shop at a store or eat at a restaurant. In many cases, you'll see a website asking you to complete a survey about your shopping or dining experience. Then, go to the site and complete the survey. You may win a cash prize, a gift card or a coupon for a discount on your next purchase.
  2. Visit your favorite company's main website. On many websites, you'll see a pop-up window that asks you to take a survey about your experiences with the company. If the window promises free stuff or coupons in exchange for your time, then take the survey.
  3. Get paid to take surveys. Many companies hire marketers to conduct surveys for them. These surveys help companies to get feedback about their products and to do a better job of targeting their advertising. Find a company that will pay you to complete surveys, like Ipsos Survey Panel, and sign up to start taking surveys. If you get picked to take a more in-depth survey, you may receive free products from a variety of companies that you can try at home.

Ask for Free Samples

  1. Write the company a letter. Tell them how much you love their products and say that you are a big fan of the company.
    • Add a personal experience story. For example, if you want free products from a pet supply company, write a story about how you've used the company's products in the past to care for your pets. Be as specific and enthusiastic as possible.
    • Request the free products. Ask if the company has any free samples or coupons that they could send you for being a loyal customer.[2]
  2. Ask if a company offers free stuff for your birthday. Register and list your birthdate on the company website and wait for your free offer.
  3. Start a blog and write product reviews. Then, contact your favorite companies and ask if they will send free samples for you to review. Companies will often send you free samples of their products in exchange for the free publicity provided by your blog.


  • Look through store websites to find online sample centers. For example, big box stores like K-Mart and Target sometimes place links to free samples on their websites. Look for events on different stores' websites during which they will offer free product samples.
  • P&G makers of Pampers,Secret,Olay and more
  • If a company sends you something, wait at least 6 months to a year to ask again.
  • Colgate
  • Lays chips (must provide serial number from a bag of chips)
  • Energizer
  • Olive Gardens
  • Check out Freebies Sites. Find a site that you like and join their Free Stuff Newsletter. You will get constant updates on new samples and offers to try that are available in your own country.[3]
  • Companies that have been confirmed to send Free Stuff:
    • Apple
    • McDonalds
    • Coke
    • KFC
    • Laura Secord
    • Spitz Sunflower Seeds
    • Duracell
    • Levis
    • Wrigley's
    • Walkers (UK)
    • Pringles
    • Tayto Crisps
    • Cadburys (UK)
    • Nestle (UK)
    • Smiths Chips
    • T-Mobile (sim cards)
    • Wise Snacks
    • Ocean Spray
    • Altoids
    • Gatorade
    • Jelly Belly
    • Turkey Hill
    • Florida's Natural
    • Starbucks
    • Life Saver
    • First Act
    • Mars
    • Candy King (Pick "n" Mix)
    • Yorkshire Tea
    • Warburtons Bread (UK)
    • Airheads
  • Unilever makers of Dove, Vaseline, axe,Lipton tea and more


  • Not all companies will be willing to send you free items. If you never ask, however, you'll never succeed.

Things You'll Need

  • Company contact information
  • Company website
  • (optional) Blog

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