Get Good Grades Easily

Going to school can be boring and all the tests can be hard but if you manage your time and make a few harmless sacrifices, it will be okay.


  1. Try to plan your extra-curricular activities. Do you play any sports? Music? Art? Try to cut down to three or four hours a week.
  2. Think of weekends as additional 'studying' days. Early Saturdays and Sundays, study even if you do not have a test coming soon. Still review your recent topics. Then, in the afternoon, you can go out and have fun.
  3. On the rides to sports and other activities, study in the car. Even do your homework in the car.
  4. Keep phone conversations and texting to a minimum on school days. Don't watch too much TV, and never get too caught up in your phone to the point of leaving the task at hand. A good way to make sure that this doesn't happen, is to turn your phone all the way off when you are studying or doing homework.
  5. Review your notes before you go to bed. Do the same each morning.
  6. Maintain healthy habits. Don't ever starve yourself, Don't take drugs or drink alcohol so you will be able to keep yourself focused.
  7. Consider tutoring. If you do not feel comfortable with tutors, then go to the book store and purchase some SAT preparation booklets.
  8. Go on the internet for resources. Take notes on any videos you watch.
  9. Try new studying methods. Just memorizing isn't going to help. Use flashcards, foldables, type up worksheets, type up new study guides, and look at what you are learning in a big picture. This might sound strange but read the textbook slower out loud.
  10. Listen attentively to your teacher. Don't talk to your friends when you are supposed to be paying attention.
  11. Organize your binders and your folders. When you get a worksheet, don't just place it on top of your folder. Slide it in the pocket and don't forget it.
  12. Don't forget your homework. You might have gotten a 100 on it but points would be taken off.
  13. Attempt all extra credit. After you have finished your regular assignments, complete all available extra credit.
  14. Get interested in the material. If you like the material, it is a cinch to engage and is ever-so-easy to learn. Don´t think of chemistry in the negative as, "It´s so stupid.-- I´ll never need it.", rather make ultra-positive statements like "It will explain how the world works and allow me to make what I want of this world."
  15. Memorizing can help you get through tests, but it won´t help you in life. Try to understand principles and methods and put your learnings in a larger context.
  16. Work through difficult subjects by expanding the resources you "bring into play". If you have problems in a special subject, search for relevant material on the web. There you´ll find a lot of information.-- Some of it will stick with you and your understanding will grow. The extra knowledge will sometimes impress your teacher and lead to better grades. It may also be used when writing a paper or during class discussions.


  • Focus to what the teacher says. It is a lot more reliable to listen to him/her rather than to talk to your friends. Take optimal notes, and do your work as soon as you get it.
  • It may sound weird but if you take a nap after you have learned something important. You will remember it for a longer time and will be able to clear your mind of unimportant stuff.
  • Participate and ask the teacher if you cannot understand.
  • Try teaching someone else; that is one of the best ways to learn/remember things! Tutoring is as good for you as it is for your pupil.
  • If you are caught up in school, remember it's not forever. Have some fun, but if you don't want to, that is your decision entirely.
  • You don't always have to ask your parents for help, the internet is there too.
  • Go after/before school to learn easier with your teacher.
  • The easiest way to study is to make a foldable crib sheet containing all the useful details. For prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, fold a paper lengthwise and write the characteristics each on one half of the paper.
  • You also don't have to be tutored but it can help a great deal. Though if you can't afford it, buy new or used textbooks on that specific subject.
  • Study with a friend if that helps. Hang out with your friends if you even have any and get your homework done.
  • Go to bed as early as possible, eat dinner, and take a relaxing bath. It will refresh your mind.


  • Try not to take medicines that make you drowsy.
  • Do not cheat. Your reputation is all you have. Once it is gone, you have nothing.
  • Thoughts like, "I´ll never need it" will block you completely, making it nearly impossible to learn the material.
  • Don't turn anything in late.

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