Get People to Stop Using Cars

Cars can be hazardous, and bad for the environment. But, it's hard to live without a car in many situations. If you're interested in doing your part to create a world with fewer cars in it, there are many ways you can nudge people in that direction.


  1. Give up your own car (if you haven't already) or share it. It's important to lead by example when you're trying to persuade people, or else you might be thought of as a hypocrite. If you have a car but you rarely use it, consider a car-sharing arrangement, so you can help people be mostly car-free.
  2. Tell people why they should. Explain to them that too many cars in the world causes health hazards, air pollution, and noise pollution.
  3. Inform people about the health risks from cars. Cars and other vehicles are one of the leading causes of air pollution, which presents serious health risks. This can cause stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and asthma, as well as damage to the brain, liver, nerves, and kidneys.
  4. Suggest better ways of transportation. Cars are useful, and are probably the most efficient method of transportation, people may not know any other ways of getting around.
    • If your destination is not very far, suggest walking or riding a bike. It's also good way of getting exercise.
    • Take the bus, subway, or a taxi. This is a good idea for longer distances. You can still enjoy the comfort of a vehicle while keeping extra cars off the road.
  5. Consider hybrid cars. If your main reason for getting people to use less cars is to protect the environment, consider getting a hybrid, electric or bio-diesel car. With one of these, you can still use cars while leaving less carbon footprint behind.
  6. Talk to your friends and family. If you really are against cars you would want to make everybody you can start using cars less.
  7. Enjoy life with less cars! After your family has started using their cars less, they will take bicycle and walk more often. They'll feel much better!


  • Write down a list of why people should stop using cars, as well as alternatives for them.


  • Politely try to make people just use cars less or stop being so crazy about them, you don't have to force people to hate something.
  • Don't annoy people by talking too much about cars.

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