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Transform your bland hair into a sexy mane without ever setting foot into your salon. Before styling your tresses, cleanse your hair thoroughly. Give yourself a bombshell blowout to add volume to your limp locks. For additional drama, use a curling iron to create touchable waves or create an alluring up-do.


Washing and Prepping Your Hair

  1. Condition your hair first. Sexy hair is voluminous and bouncy—the residue left behind by conditioners weigh your hair down! To elevate your locks to bombshell status, condition your hair with a basic formula before shampooing your scalp.[1]
    • A basic conditioner is not formulated with additional oils or minerals.
    • For a silkier finish, apply a conditioning hair mask to your dry locks. After ten minutes, rinse out the treatment and wash your hair with a cleansing shampoo.[2]
  2. Shampoo your hair second. To achieve sexy, voluminous, and bouncy tresses, you need to cleanse your hair of grime and grease. While conditioners replenish your hair’s natural oils, shampoo removes dirt, oils, and unwanted residue from your scalp. After conditioning your hair, apply a basic shampoo directly to your scalp, lather, and rinse thoroughly.[1]
  3. Dry your locks. Before stepping out of the shower, squeeze the excess water from your hair. Avoid towel drying your hair—rubbing your hair with bath towels will produce frizz and split ends. Instead, wrap your hair in a cotton t-shirt, microfiber cloth, or a cotton pillowcase.
    • You may also consider patting your hair dry with paper towels.[3]
  4. Apply a root lifter and volumizing mousse. To achieve a bombshell do, rely on volumizing hair products. Spritz your roots with a 10 pumps of a root lifting serum. Squirt a tangerine to tennis ball size amount of a volumizing mousse into one of your hands. With the other hand, use a comb to scoop up the mousse and distribute it evenly through your tresses.[4]

Giving Yourself a Blowout

  1. Divide your hair into sections. A bombshell blowout is characterized by its voluminous and sleek, yet effortlessly wild and imperfect appearance. Use a comb to divide your hair into at least four manageable sections.[5]
    • Part your hair down the center of your head, from the top of your forehead to the nape of your neck.
    • Part your hair horizontally from the top of your left ear to the top of your right ear.
    • Twist and secure the two top sections of your hair with a duck bill clip.
  2. Blow dry your hair. In addition to a blow dryer, you will need a medium or large round brush. Beginning with the left or right bottom section, grab a subsection of hair near the roots with a round brush. As you pull the brush down through the hair, the blow dryer follows over the brush. Repeat this process throughout your mane until each section is completely dry.
    • Always point the blow dryer’s nozzle down to prevent frizz and promote shine.[6]
  3. Apply a smoothing serum. Squirt a few drops of shine serum onto your fingertips.[7] Comb your fingers through the ends of your hair to distribute the serum. Do not apply the shine serum to your roots—this will cause your hair to appear oily.[5]
  4. Rough dry your hair. Blend the sections of your blowout by rough drying your hair. Point the nozzle of your blow dryer up towards your head. As you blast your hair with heat, comb through your hair with your fingers.[8] Complete your effortlessly wild and voluminous blowout by smoothing out and separating the ends of your hair.[5]

Curling Your Hair

  1. Create loose, touchable waves. Sexy hair is full of movement. It looks slightly unfinished and therefore touchable. To prepare your hair for this do worthy of a temptress, apply a dime sized amount of smoothing serum to your dry hair. Wrap random sections of hair around a large curling iron to create a perfectly uneven and alluring do.[9]
  2. Curl only the bottom half of your hair shaft. Sexy, bombshell hair looks effortlessly undone. Instead of tight, spiral curls, opt for loose ringlets that start mid-shaft. Wrap the first few inches of your hair around the barrel of a curling iron. For a piecey look, coat your fingertips with a small amount of styling cream and twist the locks.[10]
  3. Create beach waves. Beachy waves are smokin’ hot! To achieve this perfectly undone look, wrap 2 inch sections of hair around a large barrel curling iron. As you wrap the hair, intentionally leave the ends out of the barrel. Occasionally, flip your head upside down and comb your fingers through your hair to prevent your curls from matching. When you have finished creating your waves, spray your locks with a light-hold hair spray.[11]

Styling Your Hair

  1. Pin your hair half-up. Whether your hair is short or long, you have the option to transform your hair into voluminous and disheveled half-up do. Spritz your dry hair with a texturizing spray. To create volume, twist random sections of your hair around your fingers. Complete your feminine, flirty look by pulling back the top layer of your hair and securing it with pins.[12]
  2. Straighten and style your short hair. Transform your short hairstyle into a sophisticated and edgy do with a straightener and pomade. Part your hair deep to one side and apply a heat protectant to your locks. Straighten your hair with a flatiron. Coat your fingertips in pomade and run your hands through your hair.[13]
  3. Put your hair into a sleek high-pony. Create a sexy high-pony that is sleek in the front and full of texture in the back. Pull your hair into a tight high pony and secure it with rubber bands. After coating the top and sides of your head with hairspray, run over these sections with a fine-tooth-comb. Use a small-bristle brush to backcomb the pony.[14]
    • For additional hold, secure the pony with a few bobby pins.[14]
  4. Create a messy bun. When you want to transform yourself into a sexy librarian, opt for a disheveled bun. Pull your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Twist your hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. You may secure it in place with pins or a hair tie. With your fingers, pull out random pieces of hair to add texture and dimension to your do. Spritz your hair with a regular-hold hairspray.[15]


  • If your hair is a bit on the fine side, use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to give it lots of natural bounce!

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