Tame Poofy Hair

Do you struggle to tame poofy hair? Are you always looking for strategies to avoid unwanted poof? Don't worry your pretty little head about it! Everyone's hair is different and whether you have naturally poofy hair or your hair has become poofy as a result of bleach and hair dye, there are tons of products and hair care methods on the market today to help you in controlling unwanted poof. Try some of the tips in this tutorial and take control of your hair.


Washing Poofy Hair

  1. Wash less. Your skin produces natural oils which provide your hair with a lot of moisture. When you shampoo your hair, you wash away these oils, leaving your hair dry. Everyone loves a clean head of hair, simply rinse your hair in the shower and alternate days for shampooing.
    • If you'd like, you can try using a dry shampoo like Batiste Dry Shampoo Original,[1] between washes.
  2. Use shampoos for dry hair. Every time you wash your hair, use a moisturizing shampoo or conditioner. Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners have specific ingredients that help smooth hair. Use plenty of conditioner.
    • Squeeze extra conditioner into your hair, working your way from root to tip.
    • Leave your conditioner in for at least two minutes before rinsing.
    • If you have very fine hair, apply conditioner only from the mid-shafts to the ends to prevent flatness.
    • Avoid shampoos that advertise increased hair volume, these will exacerbate frizz.
    • Products that contain silicone (especially dimethicone)[2] help lock out humidity and keep your hair smooth.
  3. Rinse with cool or cold water. Cold water seals the hair cuticle, which will prevent each strand from losing valuable moisture and create a sleeker shinier look. Enjoy a warm shower and douse your hair in cool or cold water before getting out. Avoiding wringing or squeezing your hair.
  4. Dry your hair gently. Terrycloth towels are rough on the cuticles and can contribute to frizz. Try gently pressing the water from your hair with a t-shirt or microfiber towel. Remember to never wring or rub your hair aggressively.
  5. Dry your hair immediately. The faster your hair dries, the quicker your cuticles will lay down. Use a blow dryer and make sure your hair is completely dry. Any residual moisture can lead to poofy hair later. Use cool or warm air to try your hair.
    • Dryers work to reduce frizz by compressing the cuticle. A good recommendation for a hairdryer is the Conair Comfort Touch Tourmaline Ceramic Styling Blow Dryer,[3] or any modern hairdryer.
  6. Shower at night and sleep on it. If you shower at night anyway or don't want to use a blow dryer, try combing out your hair and braiding it into a tight side braid. Don't make it so tight that it bothers you and let it dry a bit so it's not soaking wet.[4] Let your hair dry overnight in the braid and take it out in the morning. This might help you control unwanted poof.
  7. Do a weekly hot oil treatment. A hot oil treatment is a great way to condition and strengthen your hair. This is a good idea for all hair types, so try it out with your friends. Choose a treatment with jojoba oil, such as Queen Helene Jojoba Hot Oil Treatment, to help strengthen the cuticle and further prevent frizz. Just be sure to apply it below your ears only so the crown doesn't get too flat.

Styling to Minimize Poof

  1. Let your natural shape work for you. With so many styling products available, there are plenty of options to help enhance your natural curl while fighting off unwanted frizz.
    • Products like gels, mousses, and curl-enhancing creams all contain ingredients called polymers (usually listed as PVP Copolymer on the label). Polymers coat the hair and “lock” your curl or wave into place.
    • If your hair is fine and wavy then mousses are your best choice since they don’t weight hair down.
    • If your hair is coarse and curly, gel or cream is recommended.
  2. Change your brush. If your hair is damaged from dye, or just naturally dry, a boar-bristle brush[5] can help to reduce frizz. This type of brush helps to gather the natural oils from your scalp and distribute them throughout your hair.
  3. Use a curling Iron. It may seem counterintuitive, but wrapping flyaway strands around a curling iron can help set them in place and smooth out your hair. Be sure to completely dry your hair first and use the curling iron sparingly. Keep it on a low heat and don't hold the strands for very long.
    • Whenever using heat, you risk causing damage to your hair. Always use a heat protecting spray like TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray.)[6]
  4. Switch to alcohol-free products. Most hair sprays and mousses have a high alcohol content, which can cause the cuticle to swell up. Try using products that work to reduce frizz.
    • For a mousse that is alcohol-free, try Leonor Greyl Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice.[7]
    • Use a wide-toothed comb to distribute a silicone serum evenly throughout your hair and dry before styling.


  • Spray a light shine spray (such as Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray[8]) onto a large brush and skim it over your hair to reduce flyaway strands.
  • When it's humid, put your hair up to protect it from moisture on the way to your destination. Put it down when you arrive.
  • Cut away as much bleach damaged hair as possible and get regular trims to prevent split ends.

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