Get a Pay Raise

Ok so you want to get a pay raise. Well its very simple. Just follow the steps below and your on your way to a well earned pay raise!


  1. Try working really hard. Do things that are beyond what you normally do and always help people who need it.
  2. When you are working hard or doing something that is unexpected (something good of course), then make sure your boss, manager or adviser can see or hear you.
  3. Always be friendly to everyone and if you are working hard and your boss isn't giving you a pay raise, then go and talk to him, BUT BE CAREFUL. When you go to talk to tell them that you want a pay raise. Make sure that they are in a good mood and that they are not busy. Also make sure that he is not looking to fire someone because it just might be you!
  4. When explaining that you want a pay raise, be logical! tell your boss EXACTLY why you want a pay raise e.g. it might be because your in debt or because of emergency reasons.



  • When asking for a pay raise don't expect your boss to give it to you immediately. It may take a while.


  • Don't keep bothering or annoying your boss or manager if he or she says no! If you desperately need a pay raise look for a better job or try to get help from somewhere else.

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