Have a Fair Opinion

Everyone has an opinion on something... and everyone is passionate about at least one cause or belief. This article discusses how to develop your own opinion, and discuss it with others as well, without offending anyone holding a different belief.


  1. Try to think about the other person's feelings. Empathize for a minute about why they have their opinion and why you have yours. If they are thinking differently, agree to disagree, but do it in a kind way so that no one's feelings are hurt and you can remain on good terms together.
  2. Try to point out the good points in both your and their beliefs. Even if you don't completely agree, being a little open minded and understanding can always help to "put yourself in their shoes" for a while. It isn't something you have to do for the rest of your life; just for the time spent with this person.
  3. Don't get frustrated if they act rudely toward you, even after following these steps. People will stick to their opinions, right or wrong.The only possible way to try to get your point across is to actively listen to everything they have to say and understand why they have such beliefs, also the development of your own ideas and opinions on matters may be changed by the person you are arguing with.
  4. Celebrate your differences. Being happy about how diverse and different you are can lead to a much happier outlook on your different opinions. So, don't be ashamed to think differently just because you're afraid of being ignored!


  • Don't be harsh whilst disagreeing. Being too defensive or acting too offended never works out well.
  • Stay very open minded when discussing an issue which you strongly believe in, understand the other persons opinions and who knows, maybe your own understanding and opinion on the matter may change as a consequence.
  • Most importantly, stay true to your own beliefs while celebrating your differences! Still continue to have your beliefs, even if you are fine with the other person's. Be proud of what you stand for.
  • Have empathy. Understanding that every person is different and making sure they know it's alright that it's that way can always help.


  • Don't be too aggressive.
  • Don't get disgusted if they judge you on what you feel even after you express that you're okay with the differences. If they're that shallow, then you probably don't want them as a friend/partner/acquaintance in the first place.
  • Don't feel ashamed of what you believe just because the other person may disagree with you.

Things You'll Need

  • Confidence
  • Empathy
  • Beliefs
  • A Good attitude
  • An open mind and heart
  • Patience

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