Have a Fun Halloween Sleepover

So Halloween's coming up and you want to have a sleepover? Make it spook-tacular!


  1. Decide on a date and time. Of course,it should be around Halloween. The exact date is up to you.
  2. Ask your parents. Make sure they are okay with the foods you serve, activities, how many people you'll invite, and anything else.
  3. Send out invitations. Make sure to include everything they'll need to bring and that it's neat. Ask for an RSVP, and make sure you know any allergies your guests may have.
  4. Get some spooky CDs. Play them to dance to, or just to set the mood.
  5. Play Ghost in the Graveyard, Flashlight tag or other games. Make sure your parents are okay with you and your friends going out in the dark. Have an adult supervise if under 13.
  6. Watch a scary movie. Make sure your friends' parents and your parents are okay with the rating. Try Ghostbusters, Poltergeist, or Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.
  7. Go Trick-or-Treating! If it's Halloween,go trick or treating! You're never too old! Just be careful, and don't eat anything until you can inspect it at home.
  8. In the morning, fix something for breakfast. If you are too young to cook by yourself get an adult or older sibling to fix it.
  9. Keep the fun going. Play games like Twister or watch TV.
  10. Say goodbye when the guests leave.
  11. Clean up the mess. Don't forget to thank your parents!


  • Ask everyone to come in costumes to make it more like Halloween.
  • Tell ghost stories in the dark.
  • You could have it on Halloween as long as it isn't a school night.


  • Never do anything you,your parents, or your friends' parents are not okay with.

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