Throw a Halloween Party for Kids 11 to 15 Years Old

Halloween parties are great fun for kids of all ages. If you're a teenager, this article can teach you some great tips for throwing the perfect graveyard bash!


Inviting guests

  1. Invite boys and girls. A boy and girl party will make it more fun because there will be more of you.
    • If you let some guests sleep over, make sure the opposite sex leaves because it is awkward to have a boy-girl sleepover and parents will throw a fit.
  2. Send out invitations well ahead of the event. This gives people time to let you know that they're coming. Sample invitations are provided at the base of this article.
    • If wished, create a Facebook party event to keep guests notified.

Preparing the food

  1. Make food. Create special Halloween foods like:
    • Eyeball olives (or grapes)
    • Wing of bat chips
    • Hair of werewolf angel hair pasta
    • Fingers of man mini-corn dogs
    • Potato salad with baby potatoes carved as skulls (paint the eye and nose sockets along with the grin with either Chinese soy or edible coloring - it is a lot of work, but on the bright side, kids eat less than adults).
  2. Serve good treats. Some ideas include:
    • Pumpkin seeds
    • Funky fingers
    • Pumpkin pie
    • Smores
    • Jack cookies.
  3. Make drinks. For example, have spooky Halloween punch or blood punch.

Preparing the house

  1. Put up fake Make Realistic Cobwebs all over the place.
  2. Try to make the main party room steamy. Use a fogger or some dry ice (ask stores and marts in your area, it's fairly cheap and easy to find). You might also want to add an eerie glow to the room with candles.

Making an entrance

  1. Get some of your friends, neighbors and family to come over and take part in the fun. Have them wear creepy costumes and pose as decorations, then ambush the guests with ghastly acting in the walkway to your house, and inside the house.
    • Be careful not to scare the children too much; start scaring them on a mild scale and escalate as much as you feel you can get away with before the tears start.
  2. Rope in guests to help. If the early guests are willing to scare people, jump out at them as they arrive.

Activities during the party

  1. Watch some scary movies, or just cool Halloween movies. Some good movies are:
    • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (One of the scarier HP's, but not too much for the younger ones, if any show up)
    • Frankenstein
    • The Mummy
    • Hocus Pocus.
  2. Play spooky Halloween games like:
    • Hide and seek (the unsuspecting kids run and hide while an adult dressed in normal clothes counts down from one hundred to zero. Another adult dressed in a costume the kids haven't seen during the evening then starts searching for them).
      • Feel free to play sounds and eerie songs from classic horror movies during the search. Refrain from using sound clips from modern horror movies, these were in a way created to scare an audience familiar with the stuff that used to be shocking and could ruin the experience for the kids.
    • Play Grab-a-Ghost. Another fun game is ghost in the graveyard.
    • Play manhunt after dark.
  3. Be creative. Draw your own Halloween spooky pictures or tell spooky stories.
  4. Hang apples from a tree limb, and have an apple biting contest in which people try to bite them off and the winner gets to join the grown ups for the next big scaring ambush. But here's the twist, friends dressed like classic horror monsters hide in the shadows and jump out to scare them while they are in the middle of biting an apple.
  5. If having a sleepover, tell scary stories. Just like the cheesy movies where you pass around the flashlight and sit in the dark.
  6. Play Wii games like Just Dance 2. This game has Monster Mash.

Sample Party Invitations

Doc:Halloween Invitation Template,Halloween Party Invitation


  • If someone really doesn't want to do something, don't force them to do it.
  • Have a prank for the guests it will be so funny!
  • Do not embarrass your kids!
  • Play some music in the house that can be spooky or not.
  • Don't let one kid ruin the party, if the child is trying to ruin the fun, find out why and if possible help solve the issue.
  • Avoid being boring, you have to be funny in front of the kids.
  • Experiment with dry ice and fog, fake gravestones and horror themed games with prizes or little trophies for the winners. If you're going to give out prizes, however, make sure you have a few consolation prizes at hand.
  • Make sure no one gets bored.
  • Don't worry if things don't go exactly as planned. Sometimes kids like to just hang out and talk.
  • You can also do guess what it is so fill a bowl with candy and put paper on bowl with a little hole and have kids stick their hands inside and guess. If the get it right they get 10 candies if they lose 3 candies.
  • Give out party bags at the end. Only if you want to, you don't have to.
  • You should do the game Hot Potato but do Hot Pumpkin.
  • If it isn't obvious to you, try to use disposable cups and plates, and have trashcans handy to lessen the pickup.
  • Buy a Halloween themed PiƱata from your local variety shop. This is good for younger guests that may not as much fun playing other games than the older guests.
  • Make sure no kid is left out.
  • Go trick or treating around the neighbourhood and try to go to the best decorated houses(they usually have the best sweets).
  • Do not try to scare a younger guest too much as they may feel upset. This may result in the child crying for their parents, refusing to join in your Party Games and overall just ruining your awesome Halloween Party!


  • Don't let kids get too close to fire if you light candles for an eerie glow.
  • Try not to get the dry-ice on the floor!
  • If doing a walk through the woods, watch out for poison ivy, snakes (wear boots if this is the case), briars, and spiderwebs.

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