How to Clean Gemstone

In this article, we will discuss how to clean gemstone jewelry because we care for it. The gemstone is one of the precious metals among all high rated gems. Generally, it is a mineral crystal, and we customized it to use to make jewelry.

Gemstone jewelry items are precious. Everyone should take care of gemstone jewelry. If you can take care of these correctly, these pieces of jewelry will last for generations.

Besides cleaning process, we'll explain you the way to secure and maintain gemstone jewelry and your investment in this article. So, keep reading to be told a lot of concerning a way to take care.

5 Best Processes You Should Follow To Taking Care of Gemstone Jewelry

The caring process has been described in simple five steps. We think it will help you to understand the whole process efficiently. Let's check in details.

1. You should keep the gemstone jewelry out of the water

The water and soap residue can damage the brightness of the stone. That's why we don't recommend wearing jewelry during swimming or at shower time. Before you're taking a hoop off next to a sink, continuously check that it's obstructed or not. It is risky in the bathroom too. Several valuable rings have lost through the pipe once they have been wrenched off a finger.

So, whatever the situation, you should avoid water from the gemstone. It's the first step to keep this metal safe for a long time.

2. If you like to use it with Emeralds, You need to be attentiveness

The gemstone is durable like other valuable jewels. But it is also delicate and slightly hard as diamond or gold. The polished gemstone stones are disposed to classic hits and blows; therefore, it is essential to use in caution during carrying time.

Whenever you wear gemstone jewelry, avoid frequently touching especially against hard surfaces. You will follow this instruction because it can be the reason for small cracks. You know well, tiny cracks or spot can dramatically weaken the stone's worth.

3. You Should Store it in the Safe Place

Do you use a jewelry box? It is a safe place to keep every type of ornaments. You cannot store jewelry in the rear of the sock drawer. You may see someone, who hold their ornaments within the bottom of the purse or at underneath amendment. All the process is wrong and can be another reason for damaging the favorite metals.

We always recommend using a jewelry box. But somehow if you cannot manage jewelry box, try to store sterling silver at safe storage. It is so much pain if you see the ornaments damaged at your storing place. The place should be secure, spacious and clean.

Not only gemstone or sterling silver, keep gold, silver, diamond and any other valuable gem items safely in dry, spacious space. If they come in contact with each other, the stone can be loose and causes scratching and scuffing.

The best decision will be storing your jewelry pieces on the jewelry box.

4. Don't Wear Fine Jewelry Whereas Doing Rough Work

If you are mistreatment any metallic elements, that can be scratched. In the same way, a gemstone can be scratched, scuff and even discolor. While we do serious work, our focus fixed on one destination. In the meantime, be particularly careful with merchandise like ammonia and chloride. SO the best decision will not wear these items while you are doing a rough job.

5. Clean Gemstone Jewelry Regularly

If jewelry turns into the dark in color or other dirt places on it, properly cleaning can be the only way to remove them. If we wear anything regularly, we keep our eyes on it. But if we use anything occasionally, then we have to look for tight spots and clean using proper ways. Have you checked your gemstone jewelry throughout the year? You should do it now. Check the setting, stones color, and other things. If you have to repair it, do it now. If you need to clean it, clean it now. Here we are describing a simple method of cleaning; you can follow the process.

How to Clean Gemstone Easily?

There are lots of processes to clean gemstone. We are describing one natural process, which will work for you. You may use a jewelry cleaning solution. If you didn't use it, start using by applying on your gemstone jewelry. The process is pretty simple. You need only a quality liquid solution and a soft brush or standard jewelry polisher. Instead of polisher cloth, the clean and soft cloth also works fine.


Put a few drops of liquid on the surface of the gem, wait few minutes and scrub smoothly. Pretty simple, isn't it? But it is a proven method.

Another Process

You will require a bowl of warm water. After putting a few drops of liquid into it, mix the water and liquid solution properly. After that, put the require jewelry in the water and wait 5-6 minutes. Then, the same process again. Use a brush or soft cloth to scrubbing. But after complete the process; you have to mop it perfectly to dry the gems. That's the most straightforward process I think.


Though it is not so much tough to care, you have to do it properly. The main focus should be keeping the jewelry clean, storing in a safe place. If you clean and care entirely, you will able to use the gemstone jewelry for a long time. Many people use the ultrasonic device. If you use jewelry a lot, then I will recommend you to buy ultrasonic jewelry cleaner too. This device will help to clean you all types of jewelry including gemstone jewelry.

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