Identify Your Cars Make and Model

Whether you're trying to buy, sell, or register a car it is important to know the make and model. It also helps when requesting a insurance quote for the 1000th time, [1] and it helps in differentiating different models such as a v6 model vs a 4 cylinder model.[2].


Identifying Make of vehicle

  1. Approach your vehicle.
  2. Move to the front of your vehicle
  3. Identify car makers logo.
    • Logo can usually be found under hood.
  4. Move to rear of vehicle.
  5. Identify car makers logo.
    • Located center of the rear
  6. Search up car maker logos if car maker isn't identifiable by logo.
    • Click on images as that will help identify logo.
  7. Match your car makers logos with ones searched up to identify car maker.

Identify Model of Vehicle

  1. Locate name of car model.
    • Usually found left or right of car maker logo
    • Do be careful to not mix up car model with trim level or car specific technologies.
  2. Identify car make and model by searching up maker followed by name of model to find you car.
    • Include as much as information you know (such as color, year, and trim level) to help narrow the search.
    • This is very important as finding the exact make and model of your vehicle affects numerous things, such as car insurance where the make and model of your car affect your car insurance rates. [3]


  • - The VIN (vehicle identification number) can also be used to identify a cars make and model.[4]
  • - Knowing the trim level of the car can also help to specifically identify a car. As the trim level may alter the design of the car a bit and may also add additional equipment and features. [5]
  • - The make of a vehicle is more important than most think, as a lot of car manufacturers have several different car brands, and some brands even share parts or designs (e.g. GMC Yukon, Chevy Tahoe, and Cadillac Escalade).
  • - The make and model can also be located in the cars manual usually on the cover or within the first Few pages.[6]


  • - Some cars don't put the make of the car on the rear, but on the sides or even on the hood (such as on the RAM 1500).

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