Know What to Look Out for when Buying a Used Car

If you're looking to buy a used car, you want to make sure that you don't get scammed, so here is a list of things to look out for when buying a used car.


  1. Do Your Research on the type of car you want
  2. Check the car in-person
    • Test Drive the Vehicle - While driving, be sure to test out the
      • Stereo - check to make sure that the speakers still sound good and that the controls work.
      • Heater / Air Conditioning - Heater and Air conditioning repairs are expensive. Make sure that everything works before you need it.
      • Lights - Make sure that the interior and exterior lights all work.
      • Mechanical Noise(s) - make sure that the engine doesn't sound funny and that the car shifts smoothly from gear to gear.
    • Plug in an OBD2 Scanner (to Read and Understand OBD Codes)
      • OBD2 Scanners can tell you lots of information about a vehicle that you wouldn't be able to tell by just looking at it.
    • Take a look around the vehicle:
      • Look for scratches and dings - you want to notice them before you buy the car - you can even use them to haggle the price of the car down a bit.
      • Check the tires - low tire life means that you will need to invest another few hundred dollars soon to replace the tires.
      • Check the windshield for cracks and chips.
  3. Take the car to a Mechanic
    • Mechanics know what to look for in used cars and may find issues that you missed.
    • Mechanics can also give you an estimate for any needed repairs so that you know how much the car will cost you in total.


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