Select a Used Car

Not all people can buy a brand new car in a car dealership, so, some of them buy used cars. Here, I will help you to avoid scams and maybe make some saves.


  1. In a first step, you MUST go see the car when the weather is clear and, by the way, during day! Why, you should ask ? Seeing a car during a sunny day lets you see the potential scratches, or bumps on the car's body better
  2. Don’t be afraid, you have the right to inspect the body and more particularly, look at the chassis of the car if it is rusted. Rust can lead with some defective parts of the car. It could be very dangerous!
  3. In an other time, look the wheels, and especially the brakes if they seems to be used or not, the tires, if you notice some abnormal wear.
  4. After that, turn on the car and activate the air conditioning, you have to feel the cold in the next 5 seconds or you should change the system.
  5. Now, time to make a test. While you are driving, pay your attention to the noise of the engine, the gearbox. If you feel the clutch is slack, you may need to change it!
  6. During your driving, put the car in a garage to make a technical control and now all problems on the car. You have the right to do this, don't be shy!