Live Outside

How to live outside. Living in the outdoors is hard, because you have to sleep in grass, streets, ditches. Living outside is just like being homeless. But it is easy to survive!


  1. Pack up stuff you will need, such as: Money, Food, Clothing, and a blanket. Try to travel light, you carry everything that you bring.
  2. You need a gym membership. This is so that you can take long showers and get up to 24 hour fitness.
  3. Think of an area to sleep, you can't live outside without sleeping outside. If you are in the city, take special care to find as safe a place as possible to Live on the Street. If you're traveling through the country, learn how to Survive in the Woods.
  4. You will probably need some money, so learn how to Make Money Fast or even solicit donations.
  5. You need food. So, with some of your money, you could buy the food. If you are in a suitable place, you could Make a Spear for Small Game and Fish, fish, or even garden. You could Make and Use a Solar Oven or Make a Camping Stove out of a Large Can to cook your food, and a Make a Pot in a Pot Refrigerator to store it in (an improvised crude refrigerator; not recommended for long-term use or for food prone to spoilage). Be sure to prepare food carefully and store it only if it will not go bad.
  6. For water, you will have to go into a store or restaurant and drink that water from the water fountain, or Purify Water from natural sources.
  7. You may be bored, or want to have fun, so do things such as: walk in the park, go surfing/go to the beach, or just relax on a bench.
  8. You might want private computer time. So get a laptop, or just go to the public library to get a library card and access their computers.
  9. You will probably want your stuff clean, so just go to the closest laundromat and pay 25 cents to clean one load.
  10. You might want yourself clean, so visit a homeless shelter or gym from time to time for a shower. Or, you could even Take a Bath in a Sink, Bucket, or River.
  11. If there is severe weather such as: heavy rain, strong thunderstorms, hail, snow, or tornadoes, then go watch the storm!
    • If there is high wind or lightning, find a sturdy shelter from which to watch it. Also, stay out of low-lying areas during heavy rain.
  12. Good luck living in the great outdoors! Do not die!


  • If it is very cold or stormy outside, it is OK to go inside for a while. Stay alive for more time to enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Go to a library from time to time to browse the Internet for instructional guides and listings of local attractions and resources.
  • If you have a lot of money, you can do things such as: going to an amusement park.


  • Make sure you are not trespassing, when finding a place to rest, as this results in legal actions. Public areas, are usually good places to rest, but can be difficult to rest, due to the harassment of outsiders.
  • Don't stay at homeless shelters unless you have nowhere else to go. They typically have limited resources that should be used on people who need it most.
  • Sleep at night from the hours, typically from 10PM to 5AM at the latest, as typically any other hours will result in more observance from outsiders, which could cause you more issues.
  • Try your best your best to remain incognito, when trying to live outside. If you appear homeless, then people may relate to your less than they would if you were not homeless.
  • Some stores and restaurants won't let you in.
  • Don't break the law and Prank McDonald's or Burger King for free food.

Things You'll Need

  • Clothing
  • Gym Membership
  • GPS(to get places you don't know directions to)
  • Car
  • Laptop(Or a library card to access their computers)
  • Blanket
  • Pillow
  • Money
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Storage Shed, to store your supplies you are not carrying, if you can afford it.
  • Camping gear, that is fit for the environment which your are staying. For example, in the winter, a heavy sleeping bag, to summer a cot.
  • A cart to carry supplies when you walk, or a book bag that can withhold the weight of your supplies.

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