Make Life More Interesting

If we allow it, our lives can become mundane. Combat monotony with spontaneity. Dedicate yourself to leading a life full of purpose and adventure, learning and exploration, meaningful relationships and self care. When we consistently deviate from our daily routines, we can lead more interesting lives.


Adjusting your Attitude and Expectations

  1. Start making time to experience life and have fun. A hectic schedule is not an excuse to lead a humdrum life. Intentionally carve out time to have adventures and experience the joys of life. Start out small: set aside fifteen minutes to read a short story, try a new restaurant once a week, visit a museum on your lunch break, call your loved ones more frequently, or briefly turn off your phone when you spend time with family or friends. Gradually, you will build these short moments into your daily routine and create a more interesting life for yourself.[1]
    • Remember, you can ALWAYS make time in your schedule to have a good time.
  2. Start seeing all occasions as spectacular events. While grand parties and once-in-a-lifetime experiences make life more interesting, it is unrealistic to assume that you can only have fun during these unforgettable moments. Life is lived and experienced at tamer gatherings and daily events. Begin appreciating the little moments and elevate the mundane to the extraordinary.[1]
  3. Start being present. Planning an ideal event or figuring out how to lead an interesting life is extremely stressful. Instead of controlling every minute detail of your party or life, step back and allow things to unfold naturally. When you are present in the moment, you can enjoy yourself and appreciate the little things that make life so interesting.[1]
  4. Stop worrying about other people’s opinions. Stressing over what people think of you is a waste of time and energy. Fully embrace what makes you happy and unique. When you are comfortable with your identity, you will be able to lead an unapologetically happy and fascinating life.[1]
  5. Stop assuming that fun experiences are expensive. In order to have a memorable and enjoyable time, you do not need to spend a small fortune. If you surround yourself with people you enjoy or spend your time doing activities that make you happy, you can have fun almost anywhere.
    • Instead of dining at a 5-star restaurant, cook a gourmet meal at home with friends and family members.
    • Rather than attending a broadway play, support your local theater group.
    • Spend an afternoon outdoors instead of at the cinema.[1]

Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone

  1. Be spontaneous. When you adhere to a daily routine, your life may begin to feel stale and boring. Disregard your strict schedule and infuse your life with spontaneity. Welcome opportunities to do something unexpected each day. This may include:
    • Buying flowers for yourself or a loved one.
    • Striking up a conversation with a stranger.
    • Lunching in the park or at a new restaurant.
    • Saying “yes” to an adventure.[2]
  2. Tackle your fears. Fear may manifest itself as boredom, because it can limit the experiences you allow yourself to have. Have the courage to pursue an interesting life. When you face your fears, you grow as an individual and open yourself to a life full of new possibilities.[3]
  3. Try new activities. Everyone has a hobby, craft, or sport that they have always wanted to explore, develop, or practice. Often, however, we don’t allow ourselves to commit the time or resources necessary to pursue our passions. In an effort to transform your mundane existence into an interesting life, grant yourself permission to fully immerse yourself in a hobby or craft.[3]
    • To make the most of your resources, look for online deals.[2]
    • Ask a friend to join you.
  4. Take a class. Learning doesn’t cease when you leave school; it is a lifelong process. An intellectually stimulating course can reinvigorate your life. In addition to challenging yourself, you are providing yourself with something to look forward to each week. Consider taking a course in the arts, humanities, or sciences. Sign up for a dance or exercise class. Join a language course, reading group, or cooking class.[4]

Investing in People and Yourself

  1. Meet new people. Expanding your social circle is an excellent way to expose yourself to new viewpoints and experiences. Make an effort to introduce yourself to people you meet at work, events, and casual outings. As your relationship develops and deepens, your interactions with new friends may lead to unforgettable moments that make your life more interesting.[3]
  2. Set aside time for fellowship with friends and family. Our friendships and romantic relationships add value to our lives. Make these relationships a priority:
    • Set aside time to spend with your family and friends each week. If you live in the same city, invite people over for a meal. Schedule a regular girls or guys night out.[2] If your friends and family members live far away, make an effort to call or video-chat them.[4]
    • Have a date night with your significant other at least once a week. Try to plan something different for each date.[2]
  3. Help others. Supporting others requires that we look beyond our own needs, desires, and problems. It makes us vulnerable to new emotions and fosters the development of deeper relationships. Volunteering to help those around us can expose us to new experiences, which may make life more interesting and meaningful.[3]
    • Volunteer at a local charity or nursing home.[5]
    • Assist your friend in their move.
    • Offer to cook a busy friend dinner.
    • Support a loved one through a crisis.[3]
  4. Set a long-term challenge for yourself. Committing to a long-term challenge is an excellent way to disrupt your daily routine and improve your quality of life. Once you have selected your long-term goal, establish a plan of action by dividing the goal into small, achievable tasks and milestones. Potential long-term challenges include:
    • Finding a new job.
    • Getting into better shape.
    • Reading a collection of books.
    • Completing a degree or program.[2]


  • Never settle for a routine life.
  • Embrace the overwhelming possibilities of life.

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