Memorise Long Text in the Shortest Amount of Time Possible

It's hard trying to learn words for a play or whatever it may be, isn't it? Well, read the following, it may help!


Reading Aloud

  1. Write whatever you want to learn on a piece of paper if it isn't already.
  2. Split the text up into sections of 1-2 sentences. It depends how long they are; if it is very long, make that sentence one section, if it's quite short bring the next sentence in as well. If the sentence that comes after the short one is long, then try to remember the short one on its own and use the long one as explained above.
  3. Learn the text.
  4. Put your paper down so that you can see it clearly by standing above it.
  5. Start with your first section by reading it aloud to yourself, over and over, until you can do it without looking at the paper.
  6. Do the same with the next section.
  7. Say your first section out loud if you don't feel too weird (it will stick better if you say it out loud) or just read it in your mind. Next say your second section, then third and so on. If you don't get stuck on anything and you feel that you can remember them correctly without looking at your paper again, then do so. If you get stuck and you can't remember the text, go ahead and look at the paper.
  8. Memorize the next section by reading it over, like with the other sections, until you can do it with out looking at the paper. Then read all three sections together.
  9. Memorise answers using pictures. Memorise the answers by using pictures. Read the text and make a story if it. It will help you in memorizing long answers.

Writing it Down

  1. Write out the text. Take the time to copy the complete text (by hand, not on a computer). Really focus on the words as you are writing them, as this will help you to remember them later. Seeing the words in your own handwriting will also help.
  2. Read through it a couple of times. Read through the text a number of times. You can do this out loud, if you prefer. Highlight any key words.
  3. Cover the text, then try to rewrite it. Cover up the original version of the text and your handwritten version. Take out a clean sheet of paper and attempt to rewrite the text. It doesn't have to be written out word for word, or even in full sentences -- just try to remember the key words.
  4. Check for mistakes. Read back over the full text and compare it with the version you just wrote out. Pay special attention to any important points you missed.
  5. Try again. Now cover up the original text and try to rewrite it, this time using full sentences. Keep repeating this process until you have the whole text perfectly memorized.


  • Try only memorizing a sentence or section to where you are not very confident with it, but think you could recite the basic idea. Read the next section or sentence to take your mind off of it briefly, and then come back to it and recite as much as you can. You will probably make at least several mistakes if not many more. Do this as many times as you need until you memorize the section. You will find that each time you come back to it, you remember the mistakes you made last time and recite it a little better. Learning by making and correcting mistakes can be very effective.
  • Saying it out loud, especially if you must say it on a stage or during a performance, will help the words roll out of your mouth naturally. The more times you say it, the easier it will be to remember and say next time. (You hear it at the same time as you say it, and you reinforce your learning two ways each time you do it right).
  • Read the text you have to memorize lots of times. This will help the words and the sentences to become more acquainted with you, which will make memorizing easier.
  • You can read it off of a computer, if that's where the text originally is.
  • You can record yourself saying the text out loud, and listen to it. It has been proven to help you remember the text through the rhythm.

Things You'll Need

  • A quiet space.
  • Paper to write your text down on if it isn't already written/noted down.
  • A pencil or pen to do the above.

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