Memorize a List in Order

How to use visual keys to remember a list.


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Memorizing a List in Order

  1. Let's say that your list is: Fish, Queen Elizabeth, The Louisiana Purchase, A dust mop, and Harry Potter.
  2. Imagine that you walk through your front door into the living room.(If that is the first room in your house. It may be a rec Room, rumpus room etc.)
  3. Picture a great big giant fish in your living room (or something to that effect.)
  4. Picture yourself walking into the next room, which is the Kitchen.
  5. Picture Queen Elizabeth eating tea and crumpets (She's British, remember?) at your kitchen table.
  6. Lets say that after your Kitchen is the Dining Room. Imagine yourself walking into the dining room and there right in front of you is Good old' Tommy buying 800,000 sq mi of land from France.
  7. To sum it up, you basically need to picture yourself walking through your house, with one of your words in that room.

Memorizing Letters to help you memorize a List

  1. Memorizing letters is also another useful way to memorize a list.
  2. For example, say that your list is: Darren, Andrea, Xavier, Ellie and Sam.
  3. Take a good look at the names first. Make sure that you are familiar with the names and spellings.
  4. Then, take the first letter of each name/word. In this example, this will be DAXES- D for Darren, A for Andrea, so on.
  5. Memorise the acronym- DAXES, for example, could be memorised by thinking of axes, then adding the letter D in front.
  6. Now, whenever you need to remember that list, remember the acronym, and from that, you will remember the names/words.
    • This strategy may not work with long lists, but it is certainly useful.


  • If you live in an apartment, and don't have many rooms, you can always use a house that you've previously lived in, and if you still don't have enough rooms, picture yourself walking through the neighborhood, and have some things there. Then you can move onto Grandma's house, or a place that sticks in your mind well.
  • It helps if they're doing something silly. For example, if you had Queen Elizabeth jumping up and down on your Kitchen table doing the Hokey Pokey, and singing Baby got back, well that's going to stick in your mind better than her eating tea and crumpets.

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