Operate Tyre Balers (VB 150TY)

Enerpat tyre balers have three model,VB-100TY,VB-150TY And PAS-108.VB-100TY compact 1 tons bales tyres.VB-150TY compact 1.3 tons bales tyres. PAS-108 is the UK standard model for compacting 1 tons bales.


  1. Load the baler on floor.
  2. Add ISO N0 46 Hydraulic Oil.
  3. Connect the baler to 3 phase electrical power.
  4. Open the front door (hand valve control).
  5. Load the tyres into the pressing chamber.
  6. Press the tyres (hand valve control).
  7. Keep loading the tyres.
  8. Wait for the last time pressing,keep the pressing plate onto the pressed bales.
  9. Open the front door and rear door.
  10. Tying the bales with prepared baling steel wires.
  11. Hug the steel chains onto the pressing plate.
  12. Control the hand valve makes the pressing plate go up.
    • Bales turned out of the pressing chamber.