Sell a Sorghum Crop

Sorghum is a type of grain that is typically grown in temperate climates, and is often used in the production of beer and other alcoholic beverages. In addition, in some cultures, people cook sorghum like they do rice and they eat it as a primary staple of the diet. No matter how large or small your supply of sorghum, you will have customers interested in buying it. Knowing how to sell a sorghum crop can help you make a handsome profit.


Selling Your Crop Online

  1. Sell your crop through a site like
    • With improvements in technology, more and more farmers are turning to the Internet as a way to sell their products. is a website specifically designed for individuals who are interested in the sale or purchase of farmed goods. Be sure to create an accurate listing of your sorghum crop, including its size, availability, and asking price. In addition, you may want to provide a photo of the sorghum crop so interested individuals can get an idea of its quality.
  2. Sell your crop through
    • is another website where individuals can sell and buy a number of goods. Traditionally, Craigslist is used to market your goods in specific cities or regions. When using Craigslist, be sure to advertise your sorghum crop in the nearest large city. This way, you are guaranteed to draw a larger audience.
  3. Sell your crop through
    • Like, is a website designed for the sale and purchase of farming crops, supplies, and equipment. When using Agriseek, remember to add your contact information so interested customers will have a way to reach you.

Selling Your Crop in Person

  1. Sell your crop at a farmer's market.
    • If you are not as technologically experienced, selling your crop at a farmer's market may be a better choice than trying to navigate the Internet. When selling sorghum at a farmer's market, be sure to package the product neatly in individually wrapped packages. Have a sign nearby that states your selling price, as well as a brief description of the product. Consider handing only samples of the cooked sorghum to attract attention to your stand. Remember that happy customers are often repeat customers.
  2. Post an ad in the newspaper.
    • Many farmers continue to post ads in the newspapers to sell their crops. The ad you post in the newspaper can be quite similar to ones posted on the Internet. Include a detailed description of the crop, as well as the asking price and your contact information. Consider posting these ads in the weekend paper, as customers typically have more time to browse through the classifieds on weekends.
  3. Sell your crop to a manufacturing company.
    • In some cases, you may be able to sell your sorghum crop to a beer or alcohol manufacturing company. Contact these organizations, and ask for information pertaining to their protocol for purchasing sorghum from new farmers. If the process sounds enticing, invite one of the buyers from the organization to your farm to view the sorghum. In many cases, these connections can lead to many profitable years of sorghum sales.