Order a Factory Vehicle

If you go to a dealership to purchase a brand-new car and they don't have exactly what you want, you may choose to order a factory vehicle. Car dealers tend to order cars for their lot that suit the most common tastes and therefore sometimes won't carry a car with the exact specifications you desire, especially if you have an explicit list of features you want your car to have. Ordering a car straight from the factory allows you to pick and choose exactly how you want your car to be equipped from a list of every possible available factory features option. If you don't mind waiting for your custom automobile to be made and delivered (sometimes as long as 12 weeks), then it might be worth it to you to order a vehicle straight from the factory. Follow these steps to order a factory vehicle.


  1. Decide what kind of car you want. Your options for factory customization vary greatly from car to car. American manufacturers tend to offer more options than Asian and European brands, and trucks generally come with more choices for factory features than cars.
  2. Conduct an online search for the manufacturer of the particular make and model you are interested in. On the manufacturer's website, you will be able to find all of the options available to you for your specific car.
  3. Make a list of the factory features you desire. Here is a list of common options available on the market today:
    • Entertainment/Communications: advanced stereo systems with amplifiers, upgraded speakers, CD players, MP3 players, and/or satellite radio, hands-free phones, DVD video systems, navigation systems, etc.
    • Comfort/Convenience: upholstery options, heated seats, heated mirrors, power door locks and/or windows, keyless entry, dual climate control.
    • Safety: dual air bags, anti-lock brakes, traction control, cruise control, xenon headlights, parking assist systems.
    • Appearance: paint job, trim, chrome wheels.
    • Performance: larger engine, sport suspensions, 4-wheel drive, automatic or manual gearbox.
  4. Visit a dealership that sells the type of car you are interested in. You cannot order a car directly from the factory. You must order through a dealership.
  5. Order your factory vehicle. Sit down with a salesperson, give them your list, settle on a price, place your order and then wait for your car to come in.


  • Be sure to include the cost of delivery when you figure how much your factory vehicle is going to cost you.
  • Although you can expect to pay more when you order a factory vehicle, you can still haggle with the dealership for the best deal possible. Any rebates or incentives the dealership is offering to its customers also applies to you, even if you order a car from the factory instead of purchasing it on the lot.


  • Be prepared that many manufacturers group certain factory features in with packages. Packages are groups of features that come in a bunch and cannot be separated. For example, if you want anti-lock brakes, you may have to upgrade to a higher-priced trim package, rather than just pay for the brakes themselves.
  • Beware that each manufacturer offers different options, and that certain manufacturers' options may be very limited in comparison to the list above.

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