Prepare an Employee Datasheet with EsCalc

Most enterprises will need to manage employee datasheets. All kinds of data about employee are needed, like attendance, performance, salary raise, and promotions. For example, all the (department) branch-companies offer a database with a text file and you need to easily prepare the employee datasheet for statistical computing and analytics. What do you do? A few tricks and you'll know!


  1. Download esCalc, launch it. Click file, choose open file in other format, following Text with Header.
    • The imported txt file will be shown as the picture.
  2. To import the following txt file from other sub-companies or departments.
    • First, append a blank row by press Ctrl+Enter on the final row.
    • Second, copy the txt file (eg, sales department) without header
    • Third, press Ctrl+B on the blank row in esCalc
  3. Copy and paste the following txt data one by one, and get a total employee sheet. Then the datasheet is ready for statistical computing and analytics. Operations such as group, filter, sort, join, align can be easily performed. For example, if need to assign employees by Hiredate, just perform sort by Hiredate.
    • Right click on a Hiredate record, select operation - sort - Asc.
  4. The result is shown as below. Just right click on the band need to be removed, choose Band - Remove band.
  5. Expand a column, enter formula =# to gain the serial number.
  6. Done!


  • Customize text format from Tools - Options - Environment - Date format. Set it as: MM/dd/yyyy.

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