Remove Rust Spots From Tools

If you have light rust on tools from leaving them out in the weather (or a similar cause), you can use vinegar and salt to clean it off with very little scrubbing.


  1. Pour vinegar onto a portion of the tools. You don't want to do the whole thing at once, because the vinegar will come off.
  2. Put a good amount of salt on the places where you poured vinegar.
  3. Take the green side of a sponge and scrub the tool. Repeat until the whole tool has been cleaned.
  4. Rinse the tools off.
  5. Dry. Done!


  • Use the cheapest salt and vinegar you can find; it works just as well.


  • If you have dry skin or wound, you might want to wear rubber gloves because the salt and vinegar will be irritant to your skin.

This cleaning method is best if the salt and vinegar cannot run or seep into the items' crevices, and the item can be rinsed easily.

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