Remove Waste from Your Life

Waste is more than simply the stuff in your trash can. You may be allowing waste in many parts of your life, including how you spend your time and where you invest your energy. If you reduce waste in your life, it will help you to restore a sense of purpose and balance.


Ending Wasteful Habits

  1. Stop wasting money. It's easy to discount the value of money and to spend it with unrestrained abandon. Setting aside a portion of your income each month to put into a savings account can help give you more financial freedom.[1]
    • Save money by setting a realistic spending budget and by making goals to save for bigger expenses. Save spare change in a jar, and then bring it to the bank when you have filled the jar with coins.
    • Mark bills and other payment deadlines on a calendar so that you are never caught off-guard by a big expense. Preparation is key to financing your future.
  2. Stop wasting planetary resources. The earth's resources are finite, but much of what we use can be reused or recycled. Used objects can also be repaired or passed onto a friend or sibling.[2]
  3. Stop wasting energy on people who drain you. Be deliberate in who you make the effort for, since some people are more selfish than others. If you find that being around a certain person drains your energy and gives you feelings of negativity, distance yourself or remove this person from your life.[3]

Seizing Each Day

  1. Plan ahead. Seizing the day requires organization and a sense of purpose in life. Set goals for each day, and create a plan that will help you achieve your goals efficiently. Planning ahead will help increase productivity, giving you more energy and time to meet your goals.[4]
  2. Prevent procrastination. Limit your time online, and limit other distractions, such as television, so that you can stay on track. Make a list of everything you need to accomplish, and tackle them one task at a time.[5]
    • Take short breaks between each task and reward yourself for completed goals in order to motivate yourself.
  3. Take advantage of opportunities. Jump at any chances to improve yourself that exist now and make the most of them. Say “yes” to something new, and take a risk. Network with friends and peers to improve your career options. Ask for that cute stranger’s number.[6]

Prioritizing Self-Care

  1. Reduce your stress and fears. First, identify the causes of stress in your life, and try to work on ways to alter, avoid, or adapt to these situations. Engage in 20 minutes of mediation each day to reduce feelings of anxiety. Be sure that you are getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night.[7]
  2. Be waste conscious and track your habits. Use a notebook to keep a record of your activities for a week, in order to recognize wasteful patterns. By writing about what you focus on each day, you'll gain an appreciation of what is wasting your time and energy. The first step to changing your habits is to take note of them.[7]
  3. Stay positive. Remaining in a negative mindset can make you feel sluggish and uninspired. Be sure that you are reminding yourself of positive aspects of your personality, and be grateful for the good things in your life.[8]

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