Rent a 4WD

Before starting to drive a 4WD vehicle, you should be aware of some rules and conditions of 4WD Driving. When you are going to hire 4WD vehicle, you should check some basic things and service of that particular vehicle before getting delivery of vehicle. Here’s how to rent a 4WD.


  1. Make sure that driving is an option if renting a vehicle for your holiday. A 4WD hire can be a great fun to get around on holiday. Before booking your 4WD vehicle, make sure that driving is the right holiday transport for you. If driving is only the choice or option for you, remember to put your safety first.
  2. When you are hiring a vehicle from any company, try to know all rules and regulations of that particular company. Keep clear your contract with that particular agent. And if you have any doubt regarding services and payments then get clear before starting your journey.
  3. Drive defensively in unknown locations to avoid accidents, but if accident happens, the situation should be approached the same way you would deal with an accident in your own car. Once you have ensured that everyone is safe, exchange insurance information. 4WDs are not sports cars. They tend to be tall, for good ground-clearance, with a high centre of gravity.
  4. You are going for holiday trip, so be careful that your holiday should be memorable. The 4WD hire contract must be satisfying to you. If you are going to spend money, then you have all rights to get your money's worth.



  • Keep Following Point before you gets started Your Journey:
    • Maintenance methods.
    • Take correct attitude and visibility behind the wheel, access all controls.
    • Get clear about correct operation and implementation of the 4WD transmission.
    • Understand basic about vehicle placement on roads, make right usage of gears and range, engine braking.
    • Know suspension limitations.
    • Practice regarding breakdown and recovery conditions.
    • Become a more confident and smart driver.
    • Check brakes and gears.
    • Check all equipment inside vehicle.
    • Check air conditioning.


  • Keep one thing in our mind is that driving in a strange place would be tough and occasionally stressful.

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