Run a Fashion Show

Whether you are planning a professional fashion show, a student show, or just want to have fun, there are several steps to take into account before the big day. Follow these simple steps and you'll have a show in no time!


  1. Design a collection or seek local designers to make garments for the show.
  2. Select a venue. This is important to do before anything as you need enough time to reserve the location. Without a venue there is no show. You can have a fashion show anywhere! Just make sure the venue is large enough to hold guests, workers and the equipment needed for the night. Also ensure there are rest rooms available and visible fire exits in cases of emergencies.
  3. Make a floor plan of how you want your runway, where the guests will be seated, where the bar (if any) will be located, will you have a buffet of food or will there be people serving canapes. Having this mapped out will organize and maximize your space. Also consider if you'll have a runway at all. Some designers have held exhibitions like art galleries where models stood in statue-like poses. Rick Owens took fashion show to new heights in Paris 2013 for his s/s 2014. You can watch his show on YouTube.
  4. Consider decorations. Attention to detail is imperative. Will you have flowers? If so, what kind of flowers? Will there be fabric hung from the walls? What is the color scheme? What mood are you trying to invoke on your guests when they enter? These are questions that will determine how much detail you've placed into the show. Make sure not to overdo it either- sometimes less is more. To make it easier on yourself, you should make a mood board- this should contain colors to consider, fabrics or materials, lighting, food that will be served, etc. Consider everything.
  5. Design the invitation and market. Decide on a date (make sure to give yourself enough time, especially if you're doing the show on your own). Make an invite on photo shop or illustrator- or have a friend do it! Once that has been finalized, make a list of people who you would like to attend your show. Are you doing it for publicity? If so, you need press and lots of it if you're a new designer. You should send them to magazines that feature new talent, bloggers, photographers, models, etc.
  6. If you are running low on funds try sponsorships. Many companies will give you samples, bags or raffle gifts if you ask. You can search for PR companies online. Send emails and ask if they are willing to offer anything. Another good way of this is by going to the store yourself and asking a manager if this is possible. If the manager is not available ask when he/she is next in. Do not believe an associate will pass on the message. Be professional and persistent!
  7. Host a model casting! This is great fun and can be done in several ways. You can place an ad anywhere with time and location for an open casting. Make sure that if you decide on this route that you have a time slot and are available for that time. Nothing is worse than going to an open casting and no one is there- you've wasted their time and may have lost a potential model. If you are seeking professional models then be prepared to pay them per day. If you are seeking new models- fresh faces- you can place a free ad on where you can browse through categories of models, actors, singers, photographers, etc. ModelMayhem is also a good site to check out. You should a sheet for them to fill out with contact information, measurements, a photo (you will take on the day of) and shoe size. You can find a pre- made sheet on Google by typing in model sheet or Model Casting.
  8. Book hair stylists, make up artist and photographers for the day of the show. You can see if a near by salon will be willing to do it free of charge in exchange for their logo to be printed on the tickets. If you can get stylist and make up artist from a school, that would be better as they are always willing to do it for the experience. You can also find many on Starnow. Make sure to ask for their portfolio. Show them the ideas or styles you have in mind, they can give you expert advice in what would work best. ** Make sure not to allow them to alter your designs or ideas. Take their advice but at the end of the day it is YOUR show** Please also be aware of the type of hair style or make up you are after. If your garments are extravagant, then keep everything else to a minimum. Consider closings and if it is pulled over the head how it would affect the hair. You should have at least 2 photographers for the day of the event. Take backstage images and images during the event. If you want to record it you need to consider 2 cameramen, lighting and an editor.


  • Have FUN!
  • Google fashion shows.


  • Stressing over the show is not needed. Have FUN!

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