Shave With Olive Oil

As many as 62 percent of people claim to have sensitive skin.[1] Sensitive skin can react poorly to the chemicals in commercial shaving creams and lotions which can be strong enough to dry out and irritate skin, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and even more sensitive.

One solution is to turn to using olive oil.β€”It is a natural lubricant that is probably in the pantry and not only makes it easier to shave your skin but also leaves your skin smooth and soft.[2] All-natural, budget-savvy, and moisturizing all-in-one, olive oil is a shaving solution you have got to try!


  1. Purchase olive oil. It's probably fine to use the olive oil already in your house but to save the possibility of cross-contamination from bathroom hygiene and kitchen hygiene practices, consider purchasing olive oil just for shaving. You only need a small bottle and the best choice for shaving is extra virgin olive oil (known in the industry as "EVOO").
    • Label it clearly so that nobody attempts to shift your olive oil from the bathroom cabinet to the pantry!
    • Avoid purchasing pure and light olive oils. These versions have been chemically processed; keep it organic and good quality, it is your skin's nourishment at stake.
  2. Pour a little olive oil into your hand; you don't need much, so err on the side of less as you can always add more if needed. Rub the oil into your hands.
  3. Apply the olive oil to your skin. Rub your Practice Good Hand Hygiene over the area of skin to be shaved. The first time you start, try somewhere that is easy to shave for practice, such as your leg hair or facial hair.
  4. Shave the hair. Olive oil protects your skin from nicks and cuts because it is a first rate lubricant.
  5. Skip the aftershave lotions. More money saved and less chemicals applied to your skin because olive oil is a natural moisturizer and you don't need to add anything else!
  6. Protect the razor from rusting. Dip the razor blade into olive oil. The olive oil lubricates the blade and stops it from rusting.


  • Olive oil contains vitamin E, which is great for your skin!
  • If you don't like the feeling of olive oil on your hands, you can always pour it into a spray bottle and spray it on. However, the benefits of the olive oil also apply to your hands, so don't be too afraid of a tiny little mess; it soon rubs right in.
  • Use sweet almond oil afterwards to add extra smoothness to your skin.
  • Baby oil and soybean oil work as well but you may wish to investigate their production methods first as they're not usually organic.
  • Consider using olive oil based shaving creams if you don't want to use olive oil neat.


  • Olive oil will make your tub slippery, be mindful if you shave in the shower.
  • Be REALLY careful not to cut yourself with the razor. If olive oil gets into the cut, it will burn like crazy.
  • Take a bath or shower after shaving or you'll stink!

Things You'll Need

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • A razor

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