Stop Breaking Promises

Promises can be confusing. It's very easy to make a promise, but sometimes not so easy to keep it. However, the person you've made the promise to is relying on you to keep your word, and so you should. If you're having trouble keeping your promises, then worry no further: we promise this article will help you...


  1. Think before you speak. This is a difficult thing to do for many people, mainly because it sounds so simple but is actually quite complicated. Sometimes you say something without thinking it through properly. By the time you realise you shouldn't have said it, the person you said it to has taken it seriously or is relying on it. To avoid this situation, and avoid making impossible promises, don't open your mouth if you haven't thought it through.
  2. Think about the person you're talking to. If the person you make a promise to is in a vulnerable or hurt condition, then think very carefully about making a promise to them. People in this type of condition tend to take a promise to heart, and will gain hope from it. It will be a bad idea to break a promise to them. If, on the other hand, the person you've made a promise to is emotionally strong and independent, you can relax a little.
  3. Consider what you can and can't do. Sometimes we promise somebody something because we wish we could do it for them, not because we actually can. Think about this very, very carefully. If you promise something, be sure that you will be able to fulfill it without a struggle or a chance of failure. This can sometimes be the main cause of broken promises.
  4. Take your promises seriously. If you make a promise, think about it. Consider what you can do, how you can fulfill it, and the impact it will have on people. This step ties in with the first one, and is extremely important. If you don't take your promises seriously, and consider the consequences of them, you can end up breaking them or hurting other people.
  5. Make an effort. If the answer doesn't come to you immediately, don't just give up. Do what you can to fulfill and keep your promise. This will ensure you keep your promises and gain trust from those close to you. The solution may not always be obvious, but it's always there.


  • Try not to make too many promises at once, because they may clash with each other or become a struggle.
  • Put effort into your promises - don't give up on them easily.
  • Never make a promise you know you can't keep.
  • If you break a promise, make an effort to apologize. This will not make it better, but may help to repair some of the damage done.
  • If you keep breaking them don't give any promises at all.


  • Some promises, no matter how much we want to make them, are impossible. This is unfortunate but also very much true.

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