Temporarily Repair Your Windshield

You might not always have the time to get your windshield replaced, but that crack in your glass sure is getting on your nerves. Not only is it at risk of spreading, but the crack is impairing your vision. Luckily, there are some basic Do It Yourself tips for windshield repair that can help you scrape by for a few months before seeking professional replacement. You can repair all types of laminated windshields, minimize the appearance of chips and cracks, and prevent them from spreading. Here are just a few other temporary DIY tips before paying for a full replacement.


  1. Don’t perform these repairs in the hot sun. It will cause the resin to harden to fast and our repair won’t be as smooth.
  2. Clean the damaged area. You need to clean our any loose pieces of glass by using a razor blade. Then, use a glass cleaner to wash a section for the suction cup tool.
  3. After prepping, position the suction cup tool so the threaded center is directly over the windshield chip.
  4. Thread the repair tube into the suction cup tool, screw tightly using your hands only.
  5. Check the position of the threaded tube on the windshield. Then add the windshield repair resin. Follow the directions of your kit, using two-four drops.
  6. Insert plunger. Tighten it almost all the way down to press the resin into the damage.
  7. Loosen the plunger briefly to allow air bubbles to escape, then re-tighten.
  8. Let it sit for a minute to fully penetrate the glass, then remove the suction tool from the windshield. Place finishing film over the repair area and use your razor blade to carefully press resin towards edges.
  9. Let repair dry fully underneath the film.
  10. Clean up by scraping any excess resin from the windshield.
  11. Be aware of your state’s safety and emissions inspection requirements. Depending on the size of your damage, you may have to get a full windshield replacement in order to pass. In that case, seek out a professional glass repair specialist. You’ve officially saved yourself a costly windshield replacement for the next couple of months.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass cleaner
  • Suction cup tool
  • Repair tube
  • Windshield repair resin
  • Plunger
  • Finishing film