Turn Down a Job Offer After Acceptance

You were trying desperately for a job and at last you got one. However for some reason you have to decline as you have a better offer.Problems of plenty? Well this would have happened to many.Saying no to any job itself is an unenviable job because you would have shown so much eagerness and earnestness to land that coveted job.


  1. First acknowledge the job offer, thank the employer profusely and say how lucky you were to have received their approval.
  2. Inform politely and sincerely why you are not in a position to accept the offer.Do not give outlandish reasons to the employer as it could be easily understood to be a lie.If you do not have a good reason to turn down the offer,you can simply say "Due to very personal reasons".
  3. Thank once again for the opportunity given and wish the organisation all the very best
  4. Sign off