Upload Files to an FTP Server With SmartFTP

It is very simple to upload your website or other files to either your web server or a public ftp server using free software.


  1. Download smartftp. See link below.
  2. While the program is downloading, gather the files you want to upload in the right directories to make your work easier.
  3. Install smart-ftp following the directions in the install program.
  4. Open smartftp and enter your login info into the correct fields. If you do not have a login, but have an open ftp server, check the anonymous box. Then press enter or the connect button. If your info was correct, you should see a directory of folders and/or files. If so, continue to the next step. If not, then contact the site and get info on how to login.
  5. Now you can upload. There are two methods. One which is great for uploading files within a single directory, and another which is great for uploading a large folder tree.
  6. To use the single method, navigate to the folder you wish to upload to, then right click in the left panel and select upload > direct > select files... From there you can select multiple files, not directories.
  7. If you have to upload many directories, select all the folders and files you wish to upload inside Windows explorer. Then, click and drag these files to the right panel of smart ftp. The uploading should begin and all files, folders and sub-files/folders will be uploaded.
  8. You are done uploading.


  • Ftp can also be used to download a batch of files instead of using a download manager.
  • Using the click and drag method is very fast, but can take a long time if you have a lot of files.
  • Smartftp also supports secure connections, which are recommended over the regular non-secure FTP connection. You can select FTPS, SFTP or SFTP over SSH as the "Protocol" for a secure connection. In your favorites if you go to "Properties" and then "General" you can select the "Protocol" there. You may need to contact your FTP host to see the best way to connect securely to their server.
  • Try getting a faster upload speed by contacting your ISP if your uploads are going very slow. The average upload speed for home DSL is about 30 kb\s.

Things You'll Need

  • An ftp server which allows uploads.

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