Win an Attack on Goodgame Empire

Have you ever wanted to launch an successful attack on Goodgame Empire but you lose or you are not sure how to? Then keep on reading!


General attack

  1. Look at the level of the castle you want to attack. If it is above your level, spy on it. If it is less than your level, you could win. For Robber baron castles, always do a spy report.
  2. Do a spy report. Even though the person could be level 24 and your level could be 32, he could have much more troops than you.
  3. Build up your army. Remember that defensive soldiers are generally bad at attacking, while attacking soldiers are bad at defending.
  4. Use the right type of soldiers. For example, if the soldier is good against melee defenders, then try not to use it against ranged defenders.
  5. Send out your army. Wait for your battle report and see if you won or lost. From then on, you can forward the battle report to alliance members.
  6. Note that it is unnecessary to spy on Robber baron castles in the early levels. Even at level 8 they don't have that many defenders. Don't waste the coins for spying on those castles.

Fifteen levels higher

  1. Find a castle that is at least 15 levels higher than you.
  2. Send every soldier you own to the middle area. Do not send tools or spy until after the soldiers have attacked.
  3. Click the attack check mark. If you have stables, send your best ponies.
  4. Watch your soldiers destroy the enemy. Done.


  • If you can, when a tent comes round, buy the bonus soldiers (e.g. Marauders, pyromaniacs, travelling knights etc.).
  • Send out as much troops as you need.
  • If you are in trouble, buy rubies to get more stuff.


  • Don't send defensive soldiers to attack.
  • Remember the person you attacked could strike back!
  • Watch out if the person you are going to attack is in an alliance. If so, he\she could call on the alliance to attack you!

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