Play Online Games With Your Friends

This procedure explains how to play online games with the ones you want to and not a 'randomly selected' person. This procedure is quite common to most popular game packages, with slight changes which you should be able to accommodate.


  1. Note down your IP address by visiting or or there are a lot of websites around which can give you your ip
  2. Start the game and choose online mode.
  3. Click the option to host the game and enter your IP address in the field given.
  4. Select the maximum number of opponents you want to allow.
  5. Call up your friend and ask him to join your session by providing him with your IP address.


  • You can use VOIP software such as Skype to communicate with your friend as you both play.
  • You may need to follow the entire procedure each time you want to play online. Often times your IP address can change regularly.
  • Some games have room system. If your game has room system than all the stuff is done automatically; you just Create a Room (option generally in multiplayer section). Set the stuff you want and tell your friends the name of room and password (if you have set one). Your friends can find the name of your room in the list of active game rooms, and join.


  • Try this at your own risk.

Things You'll Need

  • A game package which offers online playing mode (most do)
  • Internet connection
  • A friend to play with who has the same version of the same game installed and has an internet connection
  • Gaming accessories (optional).

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