Appraise Domain Names

Domain names are the real estate of the internet. A good domain name means that your website will be found and remembered more often than others. This can give businesses fresh leads and people notoriety. Many different ways exist to create a domain name, here are some ways that you should create and then appraise your domain name.


  1. Consider your audience. When selecting a domain and appraising a domain name, you will want to consider your audience. Does your target audience speak English? Do they know exactly what they are looking for? Do they even want to be educated? Selecting a domain is important and appraising one is very important if you want to sell it. Consider the audience that your domain could "touch"; how broad is it?
  2. Look at your competitors. Taking a look at what your competitors are doing can give you an idea for how valuable a domain is. is owned by Bank of America, so if Wells Fargo wanted to buy that domain, most likely they wouldn't be able to do so. If you owned, which could be considered second best to, I would take the fact stated above into consideration.
  3. Length is important. The more memorable the domain, the better. Being short in length can help with this part, and hyphens will often confuse people when they talk about your domain to others. Hyphens and typically, longer domains can detract from the value.
  4. Including a keyword. When selecting a domain name, appraise it by considering the presence of the keyword. The keyword should be also present when creating a new domain name. The purpose of including the keyword is to optimize the search engines. The keyword should not be too competitive nor have a too low competition in that there is insufficient searches for it globally or locally.


  • Describe your business or product properly
  • Look at your competitors
  • Remember your audience
  • Keep it short

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