Create Website Audio

Creating website audio isn't as difficult as you may think. It's as simple as linking the audio so that everyone may hear it. There are two types of audio on a web page. Remember, they each have their own format, so pay close attention to this when linking.


  1. Create audio on your computer. It can either be a download or something you've saved using a microphone.
  2. Assuming you have a website, log in to your website and upload the audio.
  3. Go into the page you want the audio to appear on and enter the following code (Note: Use no spaces at the beginning and end (the <a and the a>) and replace the 'myaudioname.mp3' with the name of your audio ALONG with the extension (the extension is the ".mp3" part)): <a href="myaudioname.mp3">Click here to listen</a>
  4. To embed music into your site so it starts playing automatically every time someone enters your page, you simply enter this code: <embed src="yourmidiname.mid" width=25 height=25 autostart=true repeat=true loop=true />
  5. Again, change the spaces at the beginning and end and alter the file name.


  • You can upload all kinds of audio, including these formats: mp3, wav, midi, wma, and many, many others. Be sure to make note of the extension (format) and place it in with the name when you're adding music to your site. Otherwise, it won't play.
  • Audio can take up a lot of space. Sometimes, people will add audio on a different server and then link to it on their website. It plays and downloads just the same.


  • You can't link audio from your computer to a website. It just doesn't work, because not everyone can access your computer 24 hours a day. It MUST be uploaded to the website server.
  • Audio takes up a lot of space, and some free servers don't allow some audio/video formats. Be sure to take note of what they do and do not allow. Your site might be deleted if you ignore the rules!
  • Some computers may freeze up when audio is embedded in the site. Add a simple, short audio.

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