Be Perfect in School

Do you want to be perfect in school or even in life? Then read this article about how to be perfect.


  1. Be organized. Always write down dates of Tests and Exams, and when Homework Skills is due once you find out.
  2. Study! There's no specific type of studying to do. We all have different minds and they all work in different ways. Studying improves grades. Having good grades is a trait absolutely needed to be close to perfect! Being an obstacle to yourself is an issue most kids have in studying. When you don't wanna do it, but you also do wanna do it, JUST DO IT!
  3. Have aBalance a Social Life and an Academic Life. Find aHave a Fun Group of Friends that you want to be best friends with and be okay friends or act friendly around other people. Having a wide variety of friends helps a lot. Don't just be friends with on certain type of group, TRY to be friends with everyone.
  4. You excel in everything. Like I said, you need good grades. But you also have to excel in other things like Gym Class and Arts and Entertainment. Gym is fun and it should be fun, but don't slack off, build the muscle. Don't stop exercising when your Make Your Coach Happy turns around. Have plenty of laughs but make it your priority to finish gym by doing everything all the way. Exercising with a friend makes it a lot more fun than doing it alone too. Take tips from your coach,Team Sports too. For art, you need to practice, have your Arts and Entertainment explain to you how to draw a 3 dimensional pumpkin. Make it a priority to get the project done, colorfully an beautifully.
  5. Eat healthy. Maintain a healthy weight, instead of eating cookies for snack, eat a banana. For lunch, have a sandwich with meat. I encourage you to try out for a sport, because you have to exercise not just eat right. If you're not sure, try out for a sport with a friend. This especially works if you have a friend who is perfect, make it your goal to Beat a Mean Girl at Her Own Game.
  6. Personal Hygiene. Brush your teeth. Did you know that brushing your teeth doesn't give you nice breath? Use mouthwash. Get Braces if needed. Go to your dentist to see what you need to do.
  7. Don't have rough hands. Use scented lotion. I suggest a flower scent. Also use germ-x... no you don't have to use disgusting smelling germ-x. There are germ-x scents in mini bottles at Bath and Body Works. Always wash your hands. Keep a small bottle of hand-sanitizer in your purse and a bigger one in your bathroom. Use them to get into the habit of using hand-sanitizer first, then washing them to get off the dead germs. It makes your hand feel, and be, especially clean!
  8. Keep nails clean. If you want to, you can paint them a pretty color. If you want to you can keep them clean cut, not dirty, and clear or glitter nail polish should go on the nails. If you are a guy, pick the dirt out, and keep them trimmed.
  9. Love life. If you have a boyfriend, don't cheat on him. If you want to break-up let it down slowly and make sure its okay. Just be nice about it. Don't have a trashy boyfriend. If you are young, I advise you not to have a boyfriend for now. They can be hard to handle with all this stuff.


  • Don't disobey your teachers. They will think that you do not care about class, and that can lead to trouble.
  • Don't be disrespectful to anyone. Being disrespectful to people will only be bad for yourself, as others will not want to be around someone who is ill-mannered.
  • Be organized
  • Always be clean. Take showers everyday.
  • Try not to get caught in drama at school
  • Commit to work.
  • Always focus on school. Always obey promises and keep secrets.
  • If this doesn't work out, be yourself. Always!


  • Spending too much time socializing can affect your performance in school, which is important especially in your last couple years.
  • Too much stress and feeling like you need to be perfect in every way can lead, to anxiety and eating disorders, so if your diet drastically changes or if you have anxiety symptoms like insomnia, loss of appetite, panic attacks or constant nervousness, talk to a trusted adult or school councilor IMMEDIATELY. If need be, tone it down a bit, just don't become a slob.
  • Remember also that there are other things in life then studying; just try to find a healthy Creating Life Balance.

Things You'll Need

  • Foundation, natural makeup, mascara
  • School supplies and extra study guides
  • Flattering clothes
  • perfect teeth
  • Lotion
  • A nice backpack, in maybe a bubblegum pink or pastel shade, with pretty design OR a solid colored, neutral (black, brown, grey, white) backpack for the scholarly look

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