Be a Great A Level Student

Some steps on how to get exceptional skills, earn respect from teachers and peers, get those golden A's!

(These steps are for students who are about to sit for their "A LEVELS"[1], British qualifications.)


  1. Form an atmosphere of cooperation with some studious and kind peers. Get together in study groups of which you commit yourselves to exchanging ideas, helping each other out with studies and socialize every once in a while. Strong social bonds are great stress breakers and help you concentrate more on your studies.
  2. When you're failing, keep on asking your teachers. One of the small keys to success is to "ask, ask, ask, ask..."
  3. During lectures, contribute your questions and ideas to everyone else (but not too much, give others chances to voice their opinions as well)
  4. Update your research from the internet or library, don't just be dependent on notes and discussions.
  5. Master examination techniques. Study with reference to past paper exams, and practise writing the essay questions.
  6. Believe that you can do it. Don't get too stressed out, or else you won't succeed.


  • During the class, pay attention to teacher and do not use A-level classes as time to chat with your desk partner.
  • If you keep failing regardless of these steps you have taken, then it's time to do deep self-reflection and figure out what's been keeping you from succeeding.
  • Getting high score in the final exam and strengthening your academic skills are all about individual working.
  • If you are not scoring well on past papers, try reading revision guides.
  • Truth is Studying a whole day at home efficiently equals a week of school classes.
  • If you have a good self-discipline, trying studying at home in case of you are not distracted easily.
  • Do all past papers from 2007 to 2013.
  • Always do past papers with mark schemes and examiner's report.
  • Spend at least 4 hours for your studying efficiently and effectively.
  • Study from the beginning- don't leave it until summer because exams all show up at once!
  • Make sure you know the criteria or mark scheme of the examinations to answer the questions correctly.


  • You can not make it by preparing hard by just a week before the exam.
  • Do not just wait for your teachers to give all main contents of a subject.
  • Just do your best. Examinations are very important, but they're still not everything. "Success is a journey, not a final destination." Other skills are also important like: people skills, communication skills, creativity skills, IT skills, etc.

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