Buy a Vehicle from a Government Used Car Auction (USA)

A great way to find the best deals on used cars is to go to government used car auctions. The competition between different auction events has increased greatly throughout the past few years. This has also increased the amount of government auctions because brand new cars and boats are getting taken by the government. Here is what to expect.


  1. Expect the cars to be in good condition. All vehicles offered for sale at government auctions are detailed and clean. They will be ready to drive away at any moment necessary.
    • The cars are typically no more than three model-years old.
    • They have most commonly been used for ordinary transportation by their agencies.
    • They will not be repossessed vehicles or specialized military vehicles.
  2. Be aware that there are also mock auctions before the event that allow those who are inexperienced to practice.
  3. Find out about payment requirements prior to bidding. To purchase a car, ask a sales representative what forms of payment are accepted. Usually payments are made by credit cards, debit cards, cashiers checks and money orders.

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