Conduct a Detailed Interview

Are you an interviewer who's pretty much lost it after being interviewed? Are you an interrogator who would like to improve your speech and question skills? Then this article will show you how.


  1. Choose your source of information. You should not have a third person interview (example person off the street), but first person (witness.) If you are instructed to interview someone, then follow. You do not want to be fired.
  2. You've been called to get a recruit. You decide to go, but what kind of questions should you ask? Questions that are related to the department you/the person are in/want to be in. Example: You are an interviewer for the news show. You have to know the questions, so you would ask something like, "Do you know about the oil spill?"
  3. Don't let them get the better of you. That is, don't let them interview and humiliate you. You are of course, trying to prevent that. You also don't want to insult anybody, especially those who are higher than you (President?). A bad question: Did you know that there are lots of wikiHow articles? Answer: No. Why would I? Ok then. Maybe it's more of the person who you're interviewing... so choose carefully!
  4. If you have a script to follow, don't detour away. Stick close. It may not be the best script, so you might have to improvise questions. Try to get back on the right way so you aren't humiliated.
  5. If the person keeps asking questions, ignore it or find a new person to recruit/interview.


  • Your body language, tone of voice, and choice of words count for the setting and the interviewee.

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